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The Balance & Bravery discussion thread

They also seemed to have removed specific character rooms from the challenges and decreased the challenge rewards.

I like the free dungeon being the highest one unlocked, as i will get more xp and better gear faster and easier. The low lvls are not the problem any more, its the long grind between higher lvl ups. You can still lvl up your weaker characters by bringing taunts or cc to keep them alive through as many rooms as possible, getting them potentially more xp than sharpstone

Wanted to add my experience, I just went through the hardest dungeon I unlocked which happens to be Harvestshield Mountain, the red dragon one, I was able to pass phase 1. Got my d20. Couldn’t beat P2 or P3 (final). The XP is increased for this dungeon as are the level of rewards. This is a good update.

I also had my first arena experience. This is a phenomenal update. Gaining XP here is huge. The number of kills for chest points is good as well. Basically made PvP viable. I still had a connection issue trying to fight my opponent. Timed out. Basically I’ve learned when to force close and get back in asap and about 30% I dont miss a turn. Still can affect the outcome of the battle though.

So far these two changes were awesome. And a nice added bonus, got to open three chests upon getting in first time since update and 3x unique legendary items! Thank you devs for this bonus :slight_smile:

Not sure if other things have changed etc.


Yup, im also on harvestshield, can only beat the boss twice, but still rolled a 20 for 10 epic lutes. I am happy. :grin:

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I like the new updates. Though the patch notes stated better rewards for all. Though the rewards for the dungeons have decreased. For a 20 roll you would get 20+ epics for Harvestshield or higher. Now it is half that. I recognize you have 3 times as many chances to get a 20 roll now. But it seems unless you roll the same number multiple times you may get less equipment

You are correct. I did the math for the expect number of epics per cleared run here using Harvestshield Mountain here: The Balance and Bravery Patch decreases the expected epics per run

The my conclusion is that your expected epic return rate for full clear on that challenge has been nerfed around 20%.

And, as I stated in that same thread, gold rewards for challenges have also been nerfed.

Yes, why remove the character specific rooms? I was so close to getting Caliope to level 10 to unlock that room in Hidden Forge. :frowning:

I still have character specific rooms in my runs, so i dont know what you guys are talking aboutScreenshot_20190805-202917

I agree with everything you’ve stated! Well said :metal:

Agree with the Challenge being bad now. It’s like starting over except now I’m getting less XP and have much further to go to level up.

PVP seems okay maybe? At least now you’re not getting punished so hard if you have to fight someone with regenerate.

Honestly, I was hoping for a new campaign since I feel I am a few weeks from finishing this one. Asa result, this is sort of disappointing.

Hmmm, I do have a character room showing up for level 10 Shevarith in Frostsilver, but not the level 10 Caliope in Hidden Forge. So some are still there, and some aren’t.

Love it that it’s all d20s now. I’m aware that it’s harder to hit the epics in a way, but I’m also looking into getting more gold and gems anyway so I’m happy about the new update.

Also, the 20 point brawl rewards is better imo. Gets you the box reward faster without a doubt.

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Thoughts on the timer on the brawl chests?

I’m not going to spend gems, so I’ll be potentially missing out on 12 to 24 hour chests to grab theguaranteed chests.

The next chest rarity is held for you when your slots are full. You will never miss out on the 12-24 hour chests.

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Based on what @Old_Benn said in the other thread, gold rewards have also been nerfed if you prioritize Epics and can get all 3 reward dice.

All in all not a bad update at all. Sort of miss the different dice from before but really liking that the dice are all D20. I like that the free challenge is the hardest one you’ve completed because that means you have to pay less gold.

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I meant given the three dice have a chance of hitting higher rolls (not necessarily a 20), better chance of at least more than breaking even if you pay gold or gems for playing a challenge. Personally, I’d prefer getting a roll of 20 once after a hundred rolls than a 6 or a 12 every time on those hundred rolls.

I have mixed feelings about getting your highest dungeon as your challenge. Explore-wise I’ve been stuck on the final, dragon stage of Harvestshield Mountain for weeks, so I mostly just play the challenge. Granted it was getting boring doing Sharpstone Keep over and over again, but I could get all three dice and make good progress on quests.

Now that my free dungeon is Hidden Forge, I can only get one boss down and die on the second. This means I will probably finish Harvestshield Mountain before I can get all three bosses down on my ‘free’ Challenge. It also means I have less ‘alive’ time to progress on quests.

So like I said, i’m torn - something new, but now I spend even less time every 5 hours playing than I did before.

Is it just my game glitching or did they nerf revive? I’m not getting healed upon revival anymore. Die with only a sliver of health come back into the same situation.