The balancing whaaambulance

Apparently my first message was too abrasive for some people.
People are very quick to ask for dino nerfs, but a maybe they aren’t considering the fact that certain dinos don’t match up well.
Wildcard dinos have no weakness, they’re kind of meant to be strong. Everyone should know the resilient>cunning>ferocious>resilient circle of death. If your opponent uses hybrids that you can’t handle that doesn’t necessarily mean the Dino is OP. People are always getting big mad because they made a bad dino investments without doing the research. Instead of complaining about nerf, maybe the community should focus on making better choices. We all make bad dino choices at some point, it’s about making better choices in the future. Game press is constantly dropping dino tier lists and you can view multiple patches back and see the trends. When you pick your favorite looking dino over skillset and stats, and he’s no good you don’t reserve the right to complain…
People make the game devs work like crazy to balance things that aren’t that OP and have multiple counters. You can’t use whatever you want to be good. Games have metas and unfortunately we all have to follow them.


you got closed and opened, lol

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Editing and working with the moderator. I want to encourage people to be better and there was some confusion and people thought I was trolling or being hostile.

This isn’t true. Both their weaknesses and their strengths are variable, so you have to go case-by-case, unlike with the other classes.

Complain about what, exactly? If you’re saying that good-looking dinos don’t deserve to be powerful, that makes no sense. If you’re saying that bad dinos should stay bad forever, that doesn’t make sense either, especially when some of them are very hard to get and by Ludia’s own rules (which they never follow, but whatever) deserve to be more powerful.

What is OP and what is not OP is subjective, since Ludia has nearly no objective rules that they actually follow when it comes to balancing, so that’s an opinion. And I don’t think they work like crazy at all. The balancing is a mess imo. If they really are putting that much work into doing so little, (e.g. nerfing Dimorphodon) then they’re clearly wasting their time and need a new system.


Everything should be viable and have a role in the game.


Yes ur words r very true at some points but u have to admit that ludia also make bad decisions and bad choces,bad dinos as well who doesn’t make any sense like— Poukandactylus,some birds and with few pteranodons…

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The birds are all terribad

I can see why rare and common dinos are nearly useless except for hybrid materials. There are tons of counters and some less used dinos might be surprising ones

I didn’t say wild cards have no counters. They just don’t get crushed by resilient cunning or ferocious dinos.

I’m not saying good looking dinos should not be good in battle, but if you’re not picking dinos based on stats and skills you’re not trying to be competitive and you shouldn’t be complaining. Doing whatever you want and expecting it to be good without following the game mechanics shouldn’t be rewarded.
Balancing should come seasonally and meta can be shifted to change dinos so lesser dinos become usable. But the stronger dinos should not be nerfed into disuse. All the tweaks should be minor.
Also why would anyone use dimorphodon. It’s common, and all flyers are trash.
I haven’t come into any real balancing issues. People cry about things like monolorhino but they have counters like gryptolyth which are accessible from raids and such. There are at least 5 counters and not all are unique.
If you want to push, you need to build meta and have a diverse set of dinos.

I get some dinos are bad, and I’ll admit it. my point is not all dinos are created equal in real life and the game. You shouldn’t be able to beat anything with anything, you should have to struggle and build the counters. Common dinos should not be in end game meta. You all should have seen the procerathamimus when it was ranked tyrant tier by game press and was murdering uniques. My level 18 one could kill level 30 gold strikes, let alone players. Everyone cried nerf and they hit him so hard he’s barely usable.

Not necessarily. Let’s say you have a load of DNA to potentially level up something like Smilonemys, which is very hard to level up and based on Ludia’s past statements deserves to be very powerful. Don’t you deserve to complain about it being underpowered? Sometimes Ludia nerfs random creatures too, so just because they’re bad now doesn’t mean they always were, so having them levelled up isn’t necessarily the fault of the player.

That’s the reason I brought up Dimorphodon, you’re missing the point. I’m not saying that many players were directly affected by this nerf, I’m saying that Ludia’s balancing system tells them that Dimorphodon is overpowered. I’m serious. Look through all the release notes for all the updates, or even just the recent ones if you want, they nerf way more things that literally no one asked for nerfs for than anything else. They keep nerfing Ankylosaurus G2 and Scaphotator even though literally no one has ever complained about them being overpowered.
Ludia have been nerfing Monolorhino since long before it ever got Swap-in stunning strike, even back when it was blatantly underpowered. My point is Ludia doesn’t need to listen to the players to nerf random creatures in ways no one asked for, they’re doing it on their own.

Any balancing system that consistently calls Scaphotator and Anky G2 overpowered is absolutely broken.


I get that lol.

I know I’ve seen a ton of complaints about monolorhino. He’s one of those wild cards. I’m like if you’re so mad about get you one and get gryptolyth for backup. Sorry you can’t beat him with your velociraptor that has 20 stat boost, guess you should have read the skills…

I’m not super high, I’m pushing into aviary in arena. But I have only 1 dino over 21. To me that’s kind of sad since most of the players I am fighting have dinos 24-30.
I just pay attention to meta changes.
I never really looked too much at the common or rare dino stats since they were so inferior, so I never really noticed them being nerfed. I just see a lot of players complaining about certain dinos and I don’t see the same things as them apparently as what’s defined as overpowered.
On the off chance ludia does see our posts I’d rather them not listen to a majority of the players…
I’ve spent months training my alliance and teaching them how to play and raid. Ludia should be listening to things like gamepress or arena players in the top 3 tiers if any.

I don’t think they are listening, since the list of stuff that has been asked for is a million times longer than the list of stuff they’ve actually done. When they nerfed Monolorhino that was probably just a coincidence, since they’ve nerfed it in the past when it needed a buff and literally no one called it OP (back when it had Lethal Wound) and the amount of complaints against it have been relatively small compared to those against other creatures.


It’s considered tyrant tier by gamepress… I just found that a lot of the patch notes prior and the stat or skill adjustments reflected a majority of the complaints I saw. Maybe I’m not around in the community as much as you… procerathamimus being one of them. Why nerf an epic hybrid that may help some newer players advance a bit? Most of the competitive dinos are unique or legendary, but why can’t we have 1-2 epics break the mold in contrast?
Especially with how the skills have changed allowing resilient moves to strip dodge and distraction…

The problem is that they were overpowered within their rarity, while Thylo (best example) can actually lose to epics. It’s just best example of the top of my head

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But that goes back to my point, right after the nerf they did the “circle of death” combat changes(refer to original message) where they added the distraction and dodge strips to resilient dinos. He can be beat by most every resilient now. At best the worst feature they had to make it OP was his complete status immunity which got nerfed in the same patch… so his nerf really sunk him hard. At best maybe he’s good against something like the mammoth constantly stripping the attack power buff on his s1…

I’m not saying they should’ve overnerfed, but Yoshi and Indom2 needed to be nerfed to gain balance

Trust me, no one was complaining about it being OP when it had Lethal Wound. Everyone wanted it buffed.

I wouldn’t say that reflected the complaints though. The nerf came many months (and many updates) after the complaints started, and even then it was only when they reworked practically every creature in the game with JWA 2.0, so it was bound to be nerfed or buffed anyway. In fact, they didn’t nerf it specifically, they nerfed all the ornithomimosaurs because of the typecast.

There’s no rules stating that we can’t have that, or that we can. Ludia has never made an official statement on the matter, so it’s anyone’s guess how it should work.