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The Battle Arena


I can’t seem to get past 2998 trophies in the arena every time o get close bam hit with a lot of losses drops me right back down and I’m getting so sick and tired of trying to battle with people that have unique dinosaurs when I can’t even get T-Rex DNA for the indominus Rex. I have played the game since it has come out love the game but it’s so hard to get anything when you live in a small town.


It’s the bots again!


I’m getting really tired of playing it can’t get anywhere with it


Same I swear if you haven’t spent in a while you only fight bots in arena!!!


I was up over 4000 then I dropped back down to climb again then the tournament started and I can’t even brake 3000 now


Work on your Stegod and your Tragod.Both uses only base rare and common DNA. My spouse account got a lvl 20 Stegod and a lvl 19 Tragod playing casually. Trophy is at 3.3kish.


There shouldn’t be any uniques, or legendaries for that matter, at your level…


Just a little bit of encouragement… When I was making Irex I felt like I saw a rex once a week but once I had Irex… I have found 5 in a 2 hour span and I regularly find 2 a day. I dont even hunt that much anymore and I find them. There does always seem to be down times where you progress slowly then something snaps and you fly up TOO fast and hit a wall