The battle pass is such a scam…

Really? 20/40 bucks for one more level for rexy and some extra Thor dna? It should at the very least be half as expensive if not even more. This is such a joke. It’s not even free for VIPs and even as a non VIP member I think that would make it better. Seriously not worth it and just insulting


There is mortem and rexy dna in it so the price is ok since it contains creatures that would cost much more when you buy their regular incubators

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Yeah, I agree. It’s draining my bucks, and is just a money grab


If you are using hard cash on daily missions, you kinda deserve what you get to be honest.

What do you mean? Sadly all missions aren’t achievable for everyone unless you pay. It’s even more sad that doing so only enables these tactics, but what choice do people have?


If the mission isn’t achievable, then they should contact support and ask for a refund. There is no reason to let Ludia benefit from their bugs.

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That’s actually a great idea and I agree, although I didn’t mean only bugs.

Um no the price isnt “worth it” If you only look at jwa pricing with 40 apex dna being something like $50 then ya its “worth it” but since that price itself is also a scam its not. 40 apex dna is at best $10 but since it doesnt even unlock the dino its closer to $3. JWA pricing is just way out of line


Except Ludia already can simply state even if the missions are “bugged” a single mission won’t impede battle pass progress heck even multiple daily missions. Won’t do that.

I’m currently sitting at rank 26 with 26 days left in the pass. And while I have rerolled more a decent amount of missions I haven’t purchased any skips…

The battle pass is easily completable while missing multiple days from what I can see.I’ll probaly finish the free track with 20 days left and that’s 20 days to look at all the rewards I’ve already earned if I just pony up so more money.

But that Giga dna is another story and we all know Ludia isn’t gonna be reimbursing anyone for missing out on that. So it’s more about how important that giga dna is to someone.

It’s not that bad actually.
For the vets it’s $40 for a Morty skin and Rexy DNA.

But as a catch up pass for new players?
Thats a lot of Thor DNA, 2 months of Morty raids and other sauce for $40.
If you compare it to other Ludia sales, it’s kinda a great deal.


In a jwa vacuum is might be not to bad but as a comparison to other games that offer seasonal pass it looks much worse just a quick run down of games battle passes I’ve played in the last year alone.

Destiny 2 seasons last 3 months and are 10 bucks offering 100 ranks of rewards.

Clash royale is 5 bucks a month for 35 ranks and adds in perks being able to que chests so when your 8 hr finishes unlocking at 3 am it just starts unlocking your next one.

Fallout 76 seasons are completely free last 3 months on avg and actually have a decent amount of atoms(hard cash)

Halo infinite are 10 dollars and never expire so you can work on them at your own pace.

Minecraft dungeons are like 3.50 and also never expire.

And while I don’t buy them apex, warzone, and fortnite all offer passes in around 10 bucks.

And when you look at that then realize Jwa paid pass is more expensive then a month of Gamepass which includes Jurassic world evolution 2. The whole value thing goes out the window. Even more so when you consider this is their “best pass” and future passes will not feature as much stuff.

Now as it stands right now the free track is actually pretty solid but im concerned next months won’t be quite as generous.

One thing id like is infinite ranks like a lot of these games do with “consumables” being the reward after max rank. Maybe coins with a 2x booster for paid track.


The battle pass is actually worth it if u don’t have mortem,150 apex dna is basically 400 dollar from apex incubators