The Battle Pass Is To Short

I finished the Battle Pass today and there’s still like 29 days left. I 100% feel like the pas should be 50 levels. Anything more than 30 in my opinion would be good. Or at least a Bonus for completing missions when you’ve already finished the pass.

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Please no.
I like it this way because that means that even casual players can claim all of the rewards including exclusive skins and legendary and unique DNA.


If it became longer than it would just make it even more unfair for the average player versus the top-tier players


The only problem is now thors are running around everywhere

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Yea but hopefully a the next pass isn’t as op as a free uniqe is alil op without spending money as thats what there gonna do and b hope its not giganxy next

That’s because Thor got a ridiculously huge buff
The concept is good however

giganyx is for the paid pass tryo is the one for the free pass in the next pass the Villains Pass


Passes usually don’t last longer than a month in other games too. It just depends on the missions you have to complete

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the next pass is called Gigantic pass In the datamines it’s not official but the old one said was correct so maybe it will be a pass with sauropods

if it is the gigantic pass it will be with tryo and giga nyx

They are from the villains pass

Ik but someone said theya re from the gigantic pass

The current battle pass seems designed with the idea your average player isn’t gonna complete all the daily/weekly missions.

They should just let us get some coins per rank after max. Cause right now there is like 0 reasons to do weekly missions after completing the pass.

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It depends on the level of player you are and the amount of time you play, for some it may be easier and for others not so much.