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The battle system & affect to player scores needs to change


The ‘Battle System And Affects On Player Scores’ needs to be changed and fast in my opinion and recomendation to ‘Ludia’.

I think it is absolutely wrong for players to have some amounts of scores taken off them each time they lose a match…That element of the ‘Battle System’ needs to be taken out completely as it is just a rubbish idea, and a let-down for so many users.

The Battles should be made more fair for all users. Most of us (those of us who don’t cheat by spoofing and tweaking the app) are constantly trying hard to build up our own ‘Player Level Scores’ and reach the next ‘Battle Levels’ but instead find it freaking depressing, a real struggle, and 100% wrong that we end up having a significant amount of our ‘Player Score’ taken off each time we lose a freaking ‘Battle Matchup’.

This part of the ‘Battle System’ needs to go and it needs to be taken out completely as soon as possible!

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Maybe im not understanding, and correct me if I’m wrong…

But u dont think you should lose trophies for losing a match ? Is that what ur saying?

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I think she means the way you always lose more trophies than can be gained in a win e.g. you win 2 games getting 40 trophies loose 1 game and lose more than 40 trophies

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Oh the trophy system in general is variable tho. U can play 2 matches and beat someone way above u in trophies both times and get 50+ each time. Then play another guy way above you (around the same as the previous guy) and lose and get -8. U never know what type of trophy theyre going to have.

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I’ve lost 59 ive won 59 and everywhere in between. All depends how much higher or lower ur opponent is than you

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I’ve got +2 then got -50. Ive got +50 then -2. U never know what trophy levels ur opponent is going to have when ur matched up

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I guess it could work only if you get 0 when you lose. so like a highscore type of deal.


That’s what i thought she was suggesting. Losing none for losing a match. Definitely not what they should do lol. Matchmaking could use some changes and tweaks but not losing trophies when u lose is a terrible idea


you would progress more and losing streaks wouldnt be so depressing. its an idea but wouldnt work with this arena


Defintiely wouldn’t work at all


I would be in favour to just get a fixed win trophies and losing trophies: for example each win gives you +25 trophies and for each loss -20. And obviously in combination of best trophy count achieved during the tournament that will count for your ranking. I think this model will motivate me to continue battling and not camp 1 week before end of tournament, because each win will give more trophy than a loss and i dont need to worry about final score as the highest achieved score will count at the end.


The current matchmaking algorithm allows bad match-ups needs to change not just ludia saying they will but never getting around to it!

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I mean not having part of the player score amounts that you earn be taken off when a player loses a match…you know the bit when it minuses an amout off you when you lose? That has to go.


Score Tropies whatever… All I see it as being an amount of score been taken off me everytime I lose a match, and it freaking sucks along with the damn fact that this game has a crap matchmaking system where some players are way too overpowered…though I’m guessing that those users are actually Spoofers who are cheating on this, just as they do with Pokemon Go, in order to get way ahead and collect every damn Dino faster.

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So i was right lol. u dont want to lose trophies for losing :joy: thats never going to happen


Woow sounds interesting now. So it all depends on how strong you are.


U move up for winning. U move down for losing. Just how it is.


That’s true.


What ur suggesting there would only be benefits to winning and no negatives for losing. Do u know how out of hand the trophy counts would get


Yes they shoukd change it!