The battle system is luck based garbage


From the begging to the end it is 65% luck based 34% level and 1%strategy\skill, let’s go through.
The start of the game 4 random dinosaurs from your team against a random opponent that’s has 4 random dinosaurs at a random level the first dinosaur you start of with is random, then we have random Crits and random stuns, random glitches that give you an instant loss, cloak random chance to hit it, hit it twice or get one shoted and finally random decisions who’s faster if you have the same speed. You can see how much strategy and skill is involved now.


Wow, sounds a lot like Pokemon and any other other game with rng.
Do your best to level up your dinos (levels are not random btw), use the ones that work best for you, and go from there.


In random levels I mean that the opponent might have Dino’s that are 10 levels higher or there Dino’s might be the same level as yours


That’s because they’re not matching you based on level. They’re matching you based on your rank, or rather the amount of trophies you have. I’ve heard of the infamous Lv30 Bots in Arena 7, but if you’re not there (no worries) and you’re finding opponents with dinos way stronger than yours, that’s just a bad luck of the draw.


Im complaining about this because i am in the highest arena and I would rather wait 3 minutes for a similar leveled match then the bots


The best of the best with their 5000 Trophies and LV 25-28 Legendary/Unique Teams can for sure beat those bad KI Bots with their LV 30 Common - Epic Teams.


Pushed yourself into a rank your dinos aren’t ready for.
¯_(ツ)_/ ¯


Shouldn’t that be for him instead of me?


You’re the kind that only wants to hear one type of answer, huh? Arena 7 is gonna be filled with more Bots than the lower ones because not many people are in Arena 7. The Bots are there to fill in the gaps, but sadly, they’re dinos are the highest level. If your dinos aren’t ready for it, then all I can tell you is do like some of the others around here, make a super weak team, and purposely drop into an Arena you’re more comfortable with. Other than that, level up your current team.


Nah, was exactly meant like that. Cause you mentioned the high LV computers.