The battling has gotten very hard... How does it work?!


Since drop down of players batteling has become really hard. My opponents have dinos that way outrank mine. My absolute best is a ind.rex lvl 16 (new born :grinning:) and then I have a couple of lvl 15 dinos. When I battle I end upp against lvl 20 raptor, lvl 16 stegodeus, lvl 17-18 stegseratops among other very strong and high lvl dinos. My winning is pure luck allthough I use my best tactics. Unfourtunately my winning are getting fewer all the time. :slightly_frowning_face:

So my question is - how does battle mechanics work?
Is it pur randome? If not, when I face tough opponents, why does the game bring in my weaker members of my team?


It is a lot harder these days to win battles indeed. Also, the glitches are starting to bore me and most of the time the incubators are worthless. In my last 24h incubator I didnโ€™t get any dna from hybrid materials. My heart hurt a little that day :sweat_smile:


Haha just your last one? Not a single one of my 24 hours has ever had hybrid material in it.


5 days whitout battling, not worth the 5 hours effort to recover the 5000 points for useless incubators where only i need 1 dino and is irritator