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The Bear Game

Let’s play a game. Ludia has really screwed us with these terrible bear spawns, so I thought I would start a little game so that they would actually realize that this is not OK at all. Unfortunately I cannot hunt right now due to ailment, but the last time I went out, this was my total score:

0 Arctodus
1 Parasaur Lux
2 epic hybrids: Spinotahraptor and Stegoceratops
12 epics: 2 megistotherium, 1 rex, 1 conc, 1 grypo, 1 stegoceras, 1 pachy, 1 ourano, 1 pyro, 2 mammoth, and 1 spino gen 2
5 rare hybrids: 2 purrolyth, 1 suchotator, 2 eniasuchus

This was in 1 hunting trip taken on a bus ride around town (about 2.5 hours). Post your score so that Ludia gets the message.


I think the arctodus spawn rate was fixed, idk I have been seeing a lot more


I’ve seen 0 still and I’ve talked with others and they also say no. Wish I could get your luck :laughing:

I didn’t see any Arctodus for 6 days; then I darted 4 in 1 day. I think the algorithm has been updated too, and since then my girlfriend has caught a bear.

1 wild bear (pulled from a scent) this entire time

it must be a glitch where its a local spwan cuz i’ve seen like 6 in just half an hour

I got some from Scent, 2 wild spawn, 0 while hunting (a bitt ironic because i found more paralux than bear)

I’ve got a friend driving me to the doctor and have found 2…after a couple epics and a nodopato

I’ve found 2 in the wild and darted enough in the strike to get him up to level 13. Also he’s returning in this weeks strike

I got one off a giga @ lunchtime.

I have seen 1 in the wild and 2 to 4 from scents of claws since last week. Plus 24 from ESDs. LOL

Well this is just cruel.

if the spawns are fixed, some confirmation from ludia would be nice.

Given they’ve not compensated for the 10k+ deficit from the Xmas box fiasco yet don’t hold your breath.

I get between 2 to 3 a day at roughly 24 miles a day

I’ve seen one so far. The sun rises at 8am and sets at 4:30pm here and I can’t play between those hours, so no matter the spawn rate, the bear may as well not exist for me. I’m still so disappointed that they made it a day-only spawn.


I saw three Nodopatosaurus today. Bears?



I’m seeing these bears spawn in my area more often than not this week.

Second wild arctodus of the event. On a roll… Woo ooh.

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Saw my first at lunchtime…just outside of my range but close enough for me to quickly dive out.