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The Bear Game

Saw 4 today, 3 wild and 1 from tiga Scent

I fin Paralux more frequent than :bear:

Not only does arctodus bear ly spawn, the apex isn’t even worth it when testa is still super OP

With the nerf to counter heal it’s not that op, and the apex bear is very good. A lot of the abilities were hidden but it’s on escape cleanses and when the bear is threatened it’s shield makes it invincible for 2 turns like anky bumpy.

Third wild spawn. Cruel.

I was going to say that the description had a spelling mistake, and it’s not supposed to be SHORT faced bear.
But I just don’t particularly want to get banned today.

@PuffMummy exactly

out of the 24 possible shots we are able to take at the Arctodus bear this week so far it has only been appearing sporadically ( 1 or 2 every 3 to 5 hours in my locality ) given that we only have just 2 days to collect as much dna from these 24 possible hit shots the math simply does not work out if you take into consideration the very small number of the arctodus bears spawning once every 3 to 5 hours then we are all doomed to getting just 50% to 65% at best of the available 24 shots allowed on it within the 48 hours it will be spawning in the wild.

Now here is the stupid fact that makes this task even more impossible

  1. Arctops. so far i have seen 73 spawn in the wild in the last 37.5 hours.

  2. Albertosaurus. so far i have seen 103 spawn in the wild in the last 37.5 hours.

  3. Carnotaurus. so far i have seen 123 spawn in the wild in the last 37.5 hours.

  4. Acrtodus so far i have seen 13 spawn in the wild in the last 37.5 hours but being only able to dart a lousy 11 of them within the time allowed.!.

Now can everyone see just how ridiculous a situation this has become 299 of the other 3 available creatures spawning yet a lousy 11 of the ARCTODUS bear the one JWA creature that everyone wants but can never get because they simply do not i repeat do not spawn enough or at a rate that will allow you to get the 24 allowed darting attempts on them within the 48 hour time frame it is available.

At this rate it will most likely somewhere around late August or late September 2022 before anyone playing JWA has finally gathered enough dna from the ARCTODUS bear to start fusing its dna towards creating the ARCTOVASILAS APEX dinosaur they have offered us all.!.
:weary: :confounded: :weary:

I had far more bear than arctops. :man_shrugging:

I’m finding Arctodus, it’s the moose that I can’t find.

i´ve seen 3 bears today

I got 3 off a giga scent

The moose doesn’t spawn.

Booo! That’s a stinker

I have been seeing significant improvements with the bear spawn rate. I think the other hybrid persuits were taking up available rare slots that the bear could have been spawning in it, (not sure if that made any scene though.

Of course it didn’t make any sense but that’s definitely what the devs did…