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The best alliance in the game?


Until recently, I had thought that an alliance with many members of high level and trophies is the best one.
(My current level is 20 and trophies 5091(rank 426))

However, after we made a brand new alliance, my belief is changing.

If there are many high level members, almost the same dinos are requested, such as irritator, Draco, dilo…etc.

However, if there are different members with different trophies ranges, the situation can be different.

Relatively low level players want more raptors.
Relatively high level players want more rare ingredients for uniques.
Therefore, we can help each other.

This is one example.
In my old alliance, sometimes, I discarded my requests of irritator without any donation after 3 hours.
However, in my current alliance, my irritator requests were filled completely.

In addition, the current alliance with many relatively low level players (many of them are below level 10) has reached, currently, at Rank3, but almost completed, in the alliance missions.
(Of course, before I requested, I explained irritator is incubator-exclusive Dino and necessary for Magna, but they donated to me)

Therefore, I would like to recommend to some leaders or players searching an alliance, that regardless of the trophies or rank, active members can make the best alliance.

Proud of members of my current alliance.
(Currently almost full!! And I don’t mention the name because it can be just an advertisement for the alliance)


Right on brother :raised_hands:t4:

The best alliance is the one that has the most fun with the nicest and most generous people and no drama. Congrats on your new alliance :trophy:


Yes, it is true.Thank you. I am not the leader. You can see the leader in the leaderboard. The leader always says ‘be active and have fun’.

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We used to be in the same alliance and you are still missed - your current alliance is lucky to have you.

You make some excellent points I agree with. Having a good mix of higher and lower level players is a good thing. The chat can also be great, giving advice and discussing strategy. Friendly members will gladly share rare DNA if they know you will do the same.

Wishing you the best of luck and continued success!



Exactly 100% :+1:


The question is did they donate irritator on every single request at all time?
Low level player doesn’t need to keep as much irritator DNAs cuz they are far from creating her hybrid.


If your looking for a new home with dedicated players , you should join us. We work really hard . We also play daily. We would love to have you. We are new but we are on the right track!!


Thank you always for your kindness!!!
Yes, I have also thought your wonderful alliance.
If I had not ceased to play the game at the time, I believe we’ve been doing well!!!

Like our real life, even though this is a game, the person is the most important thing. Finally, good persons make the best alliance!!!

Thank you again and good luck to you.


Yes, it’s true. No one will have enough amounts of her. So, irritator is just an example!!!

Balancing between high and relatively low level players is important for a good and active alliance.


As someone who runs a more family oriented alliance with the idea that everyone is welcome as long as they stay somewhat active.

I agree with this… having a good mix helps alot with dna requests… and thankfully so far Ludia hasnt made the levels really be to much of a factor in alliance missions.

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Yep. I already gave up on making some uniques to donate their components to the higher level players. I don’t mind, I’m just here to have fun.

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You’re so kind!!!