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The best and the worst hybrid upgrades. (long list)


We know all dinosaurs are not created equal. We want to upgrade our dinosaur teams either by replacing them with better dinosaurs or upgrading them with hybrids. Upgrading your dinosaurs on your team by making hybrids involves using resources that are limited so you want to be careful in how you use those resources. Some upgrades are amazing and some are just not worth the resources. This is a list post 1.6 in what I think are some of the best and worst hybrid upgrades for the various rarity of dinosaurs.
Edit Note: This is not a ranking system for what is the best dinosaur. This is a ranking system for people who want to do the best with the resources they have. This is for the best bang for your buck type of players.

So in my opinion, here is a list of some of the 3 best hybrids per rarity level.


Suchotator this rare hybrid made from Irritator Gen 2 and Suchomimus is capable of competing with the bigboys and carrying you all the way up to the midlevels of the Aviary.

Einiasuchus this rare hybrid made form Einosaurus and Nundasuchus is can also compete with some of the bigboys for a while. It may do well in the lower levels of the Aviary but eventually you will shed him for something better. Otherwise it is a good teammate on the way there and even in the Lockwood Estates.

Diplotator this rare hybrid made form Diplocaulus and Irritator Gen2 has a decent skill set, and it can also help you go from Lockwood to the Aviary, after that, you might want to look elsewhere for a better replacement.

Honorable mentions: None



This amazing hybrid is made from Triceratops Rare and Stegosaurus Common. It can compete against almost all creatures except poison dealers and immune creatures. This one can carry you high up the Aviary.

Spinotahraptor This is another great hybrid and it is made from the rare Spinosaurus and rare UtahRaptor. This one can get you to the lower levels of the Aviary.

Procerathomimus This new hybrid is made from the rare Ornithommus and rare arena exclusive Proceraosaurus. It has a similar skill set of the former great monomimus but only faster. It does very well in the Aviary

Honorable Mentions: Postimetrodon, Dimodactylus


Spinotasuchus One of the best hybrids comes from the Epic Spinotahraptor and Kaprosuchus. This hybrid can currently go into the top echelons of the Aviary.

Dracoceratops This is another hybrid you will see in the upper echelons of the Aviary. It comes from the common Dracorex Gen2 and Triceratops Gen 2. Some will argue this is one of the best.

Utasinoraptor This hybrid is made from the combination of the Epic Sinoceratops and Utahraptor. It is another high end Aviary warrior.

Honorable Mentions: Indominus Rex, Tryostronix, Monostegotops


Erlidominus This unique hybrid made from the epic Erlikosaurus and the Legendary hybrid Indominus Rex is the top of the food chain dinosaur.

Trykosaurus This unique hybrid is made from the epic Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Legendary Hybrid Ankyntrosaurus. Trykosaurus is another top of the food chain dinosaur and arguably the best tank in the game.

Diloracheirus This unique hybrid is made from the Legendary hybrid Diloranosaurus and the common Deinocheirus. This is another great dinosaur that can carry you to the end.

Honorable Mentions: Indoraptor, Magnapyritor, Thoradolosaur, Tenotorex

Now in some cases you are going to do a hybrid that is not going to help you that much. In some ways it is a step sideways or even backwards.

This is a list of what I think are the worst three hybrids to make for each rarity level based on ability and how much you get for your resources.


Purrolyth This rare hybrid is made from the common Lythronax and common Purrusaurus Gen 2 only build if you are trying to make the unique Grypolyth

Majundasuchus This rare hybrid is made from the common Majungasaurus and common Nundasuchus it is easily outclassed by almost everything it faces.

Ankylocodon This rare hybrid is made from the common Ankylosaurus Gen 2 and common Ophiacodon this dinosaur is passable and can help bring you up to the Jurassic Ruins level, but after that it is more of a liability than an asset if you take it to the Lockwood estates.

Honorable mentions: None


Sarcorixis: This epic hybrid is made from the rare hybrid Einiasuchus and the common Sarcosuchus appears like a good dinosaur that can carry you up to lockwood and maybe lower parts of the Aviary. The reason why it is on this list, is because it is a giant waste of resources. It is nearly identical to the Einiasuchus, except you lose health, you lose armor, and you lose an Adrenaline pulse to cleanse wounds and poison. All of this for a weak armor piercing, a strike that can lock a creature down, and a very weak swap in move.

Nodaptosaurus This epic hybrid is made from the common Apatosaurus and rare nodosaurus. It is basically target practice for your opponent. It is a key ingredient for many powerful tank hybrids.

Amargocephalus This epic hybrid is made from the common Euoplocephalus and the Rare Amargasaurus. This is another target practice dinosaur that is a key ingredient for a powerful tank hybrid.

Honorable mentions: None


Skoolasaurus This Legendary hybrid is made from the Epic Koolasuchus and the common Scolosaurus. This new hybrid seems like it can do well, but a side by side comparison to fellow Legendary Monostegotops shows you it’s short comings, don’t expect to see this at the top of the Aviary.

Monolometrodon This Legendary hybrid is made from the common Dimetrodon Gen 2 and the Monolophosaurus Gen 2 is powerful and in some cases easy to level, because it is made from commons, but don’t expect it to carry you too far into the Aviary

Rajaylosaurus This legendary hybrid is made from TWO epics. It is made from Rajasaurus and Ankylosaurus. For something that is made from two epics it is rather underwhelming compared to other legendary creatures. Not to mention Anklyosaurus is used to make Trykosaurus. You won’t see this too often at the top of the Aviary.

Honorable mention: Paramoloch,


Tuoramoloch: This Unique is made from the Legendary Paramoloch and the Rare Tuojiangosaurus. Like all unique creatures it is powerful, but it just does not stand up well against other unique creatures. You can climb in the Aviary with this unique, but expect to eventually replace Tuoramoloch with something better.

Pterovexus: This new unique creature is made from the epic Darwinopeterus and the legendary and recently nerfed Monomimus. Although fast, and immune, this creature lacks hit points and is designed to swoop in and swoop out. You can still climb far into the Aviary with this creature but in my opinion you want to save that Darwinopeterus for the Stygidaryx build line. Save that Monolophosaurus for the Monostegotops build line.

Utarinex: This unique creature is made from the legendary hybrid Utasinoraptor and the rare Dracorex. Utarinex used to be top tier, but then it had its distracting ability taken down from 1.5 to 2.0 and even though it was given a little more damage and some speed control. It loses head to head matchups to it’s legendary hybrid ingredient Utasinoraptor. Utasinoraptor does have less hitpoints than Utarinex (not sure why considering Dracorex’s hit points), but it has 15% armor, is faster, and does more damage. Utasinoraptor has the same skill set, except instead of a hit and run, it gets a critical strike. You will still see Utarinex on the top teams, but eventually it will be replaced.

Honorable mention: Grypolyph


Why do u think purrolyth is that bad? Its not that bad. Including its counter it has the highest first turn damage in the game among all dinos( not just hybrid rares). That alone has to keep it above worst rare hybrid lol


What? Utarinex in the worst 3? And you are doing this based only in it’s matchup against utasinoraptor. I’m gonna disagree with you on this one. It’s still top 5 best uniques in the game


Yup. This. Utarinex is easily top 5.


Awww poor monolemetrodon. I like my belly crawling unicorn. Although it could use a little tlc


Most of these were incorrect, but I appreciate the work you put towards it


I still think utarinex is one of the top dinos. Yes, it loses against utasinoraptor, but with its decelerating strike it now kills spinotasuchus and can be an effective counter to indoraptor.
The loss of distracting rampage really hurt tho. Maybe giving it SIA strike? (Dracorex has it)


Disagree on several, but mostly Rinex. It lost its rampage attack, but a gained higher attack stat, as well as the ability to slow you down. Mine is still a little wrecking ball in upper Aviary. So I would say that is bad advice.

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LOL Utarinex as a bad unique? Very funny. You also forgot Dioraja exists since it’s currently one of the worst uniques.


Wait a sec do you honestly believe grypo is better then touro and rinex?

And whats this about spinotahraptor being great? It makes something great but spinotah is great at getting 1 shot the, idea that you should be taking this into the avairy and not using it to level spinotahsuchus.


I am going to clarify for the people who are choosing to look at this list as specifically a ranking system of best and worst dinosaurs. This is not for that purposes. This is for people who want a good value for their upgrades. Some dinosaurs will be a better value than others and that won’t always correlate with what is the best in class. So although I recognize that Utarinex is a good unique, the value of the upgrade, from one of the best legendary creatures in the game, to upgrade to the unique form is not a good value. For analogy purposes. You many not be able to afford the high end sports car, but you can always swap an engine and a forced air induction system into a light car to compete in the straight away.


@Evicton, I am rather positive I listed spinotahsuchus and one of the top 3 legendary hybrids.


@Justin_Larson I did not exactly rank the dinosaurs in a 1 2 3 format. I just gave the best three and worst three rare hybrids. Considering how there is about 6 rare hybrids, we really don’t have a large selection for comparison. So if you want to say that Purrolyth is better than Majundasuchus, feel free.


While im aware of it. You also rated spinotahraptor as one of the three best epic hybrids and thats really just nonsense. He is an extremely fragile dino who doesnt have the ability to use his distraction until turn 2 when he is already dead. Your list would lead one to believe there is a choice between spinotahraptor and spinotasuchus. But leveling spinotahraptor is a waste of dna. No sports car anology considering its a tyrant tier with 3 rares as components.

Not mention both gorgosuchus and edmontonguan are better epics then both spinotahraptor and dimodactylys.


@Evicton You are welcome to make your own list. Mine is about the best bang for the buck. It is not a simple ranking system.


Im curious to what bang for your buck are you getting for leveling spinotahraptor to the levels needed to be for it to compete in the avairy. Especially considering it was a victim of the same nerf that placed rinex in your bad lengendary list.

If your gonna post a list giving people the bang for your buck… and give advice that spinotahraptor is a good use of dna. Im gonna to state how terrible that advice is so someone doesnt waste good dna and coins on an epic that already had surviability issues. And got put in the same spot pyrritator is due to the delay of distracting rampage.


You asked a fair question. Let’s see if I can answer it for you. I will clarify things first. Spinotahraptor did not get the same nerf as Utarinex. Spinotahraptor still has Distracting Rampage. Spinotahraptor is one of the the best bangs for the buck because for Epic hybrids he is tied for the fastest in being able to use a wound skill with the honorable mention Dimodactylus. The difference between Dimodactylus and Spinotahraptor, is the amount of damage they can put out, and that Spinotraptor has critical impact which can down many immune creatures, which Dimodactylus is basically useless against. Also Dimodactylus has a little less hitpoints, allowing it to be oneshotted on occasion… As for what level. I carried Spinotahraptor, it was to level 16 before I switched over. He could have stayed level 15, because wound is that powerful, but at that time I was not strictly focusing on the best bang for the buck. You also seem to think there is some huge variety of epic hybrids to choose from. There really isn’t.


Except the one you neglected to mention, gorgosuchus is actually used in the avairy unlike spinotahraptor. I havent seen a spinotahraptor since I left sorna marshes… let alone in lockwood. Ive seen more high level edmontons then spinotahraptor.

It doesnt matter that hes a fast epic hybrid, he going to lose a ton of speed ties do to the fact that he is an epic and everything fast he will be facing in the upper arenas is a higher rarity. He will lose against every utahsino, and spinotahsuchus.

The other epics i mentioned still shine in their niches in the higher levels of the game. Spinotahraptor does not.


I see you made interesting list, but I’m really curious how you valued usefulness of dinos?

Ankylocodon one of the worst? While it lacks some damage, it’s still immune, has shield and armour. So it can be cheap counter to bleeders, stunners, hit & runners.

Utarinex is still one of best dinos in game, although it has some good counters. When you are blessed with RNG choosing no counters to Utarinex, you are easy prey.

Spinotahraptor is one of worst epics. It has CI and distracting rampage, but can’t survive one hit.

Gorgosuchus is one of best epics in current meta, as can cleanse and oneshot other dinos.

Erlidominus is same garbage as Indominus, if cloak holds it’s best dino in game, if it fails it’s one glassy dino.


It could be, that the reason why you see Gorgosuchus and not Spinotahraptor in Aviary a lot, is because the upgrade to Spinotasuchus from Spinotahraptor is easily done via the use of a global rare in Kaprosuchus. At the same time Gorgosuchus, it should be noted, is a bad value, because it also uses that valuable Kaprosuchus which is why I don’t consider it a great value. Not to mention the upgrade from Gorgosuchus to Megaalosuchus is very difficult, because it requires a zone dependent rare in Megalosaurus which is actually hard to dart because it has 4 dart spots, versus the normal three for most rares