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The Best and Worst of each rarity

So my alliance leader asked me yesterday, what are the best and worst creatures for each rarity? Take my responses with a grain of salt.

My response is as follows:

Common: best is Glyptodon, worst is Archaeotherium.

Rare: best is Suchotator, worst is Edmontosaurus.

Suchotator is best rare because it’s always been on the table, it’s a staple of every rare skill tournament.

Epic: best is Argenteryx, worst is Scaphotator.

Argenteryx I don’t need to explain but Scaphotator has really nothing going for it, it’s stats are terrible, it has no resistances, the swap in, creatures can cleanse or be immune to it.

Legendary: best is Enteloceros/Eremoceros, worst is Gigaspikasaur.

Enteloceros and Eremoceros are literally just copies of each other but one with cunning rampage and the other with group fierce rampage. Gigaspikasaur is just a waste of data, 3 strike moves, 1 rampage and a counter, with no resistances and poor stats for a Sauropod, but the 40% armour is somewhat nice.

Unique: best is Testa, worst is Pterovexus/Andrewtops.

I don’t need to explain Testa. Pterovexus may have gotten changes to it’s stats which helped, but the change to its moves hurt it quite a bit. Pterovexus could use a makeover with a new kit. Andrewtops the burnt sausage is not only ugly but absolutely terrible, it’s worse than Alloraptor as a glass cannon, like why is its health that low and compared to what it released with just completely overshadowed it, however if it had more health, it would be instantly viable.

Apex: Best is Gorgotrebax, worst is Haast Max/Refrenantem.

Gorgotrebax is best apex because it counters a lot of the meta, including itself. Haast Max and Refre are worst Apex’s because Haast doesn’t have any resistances to distraction, however it has a on escape move which has no escape built in, it also cleanses, but it’s just a worse Phorurex in regards to its movepool and resistances. Nantem is by far the worst Apex, the distraction king isn’t immune to what it dishes out, it gets swapped on repeatedly, it gets shafted by bleed and stun, has the worst turn 1 on any high rarity creature, it requires skill to use and it requires a team set up which compliments it’s abilities.


I would say that one of the best legendaries is Dodocevia, maybe not the best but certainly in the top 5

And maybe Alloraptor (amazing with boosts)


Apex: Gorgo? Never has been. I’m not sure where that comes from…


Yes, Gorgotrebax is the best currently.


I have a friend with a max dmg 27 haast that would disagree with that. It destroys in PVP! (He is in library)



Gigaspike being worst legendary also works but megalosuchus is also pretty bad

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it arguably could be hydra but I don’t see it used

probably because its only level 26 for most players who have it right now

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Of course it would do, but in terms of the other Apex’s, it doesn’t see that much use because Phorurex is just better than it.

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Understandable but for me personally the apexes like gorgo and haast do better in pvp than say cera or hadros. I am not saying it is the best apex but it isn’t one of the worst

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Iguanodon is by far the worst common, at least Archaeotherium has some use and can actually kill its opponents

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Iguanodon can beat it though.

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The worst (everyone will 100% agree with me on this) common is DIMORPHODON. It has the worst stats IN THE GAME.


You mean dimorphodon

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Yes lol I just edited that

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But dimorphodon can’t do anything to save its life. At level 30 it only has like 500 attack. Worst. Dino. In. The. Game.


Dimorphodon has more utility than Archaeotherium does lol.


good because we must know what should we use

all spinosaurusidaes and it’s hybrids is the best and creature that’s not all spinosauridaes and not spinosauridaes’s hybrids is worst (i think no result about everyone so not damn me i am just commenting)

shouldnt the worst common be dimorphodon


No, Dimorphodon has more utility than Archaeotherium.