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The best clan in the game is recruiting!

Hey all,

We at the Valhalla family seeks new members. Our top clan, Valhallas Finest, is the best clan in the game with the highest rated players and the most active. We kill 8* Alphas with ease and are getting close to the 9*
To get a spot here, we need to know that you’re active and got a very strong roster. We very rarely give spots in this clan directly, but for some special player, we can do it.

The normal way to our family is to join our sister clan, Valhallas Outlaws. At this point they fight 6* Alpha. Its controlled by the same leadergroup as Valhallas Finest and you get to be part of the Discord, where you can learn alot about the dragons and different roster types. All made by the top players of this game. And not least be part of a very active community, where we talk about everything.

The recruitment for Valhallas Finest is not a number. You need a deep roster and to be very active. As said, we normally only recruit from the sister clan, where we can see that you can do your part and got a good understanding of the game.

The recruitment for Valhallas Outlaws is:

If you feel like this is something for you or got any questions, feel free to contact me.

/Farmer Jay - Proud leader of the Valhalla Family


I’m an active player and I have about 4.5K BP, but my chat is locked so I can’t use it

I’m interested, let me know
Level 34/ DP 6080. 4 four star dragons fully leveled. Working on my 2 five stars atm.

@Luke1212 I will send you a DM in here and then we can talk

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i am in a clan with like, 5 people… i’m lvl 23 and i would really like to join this clan and probably stay there, my DP 3653. i know… not exactly what you’re looking for, but i really need a good clan so i can build my DP. and i also really like that name btw…

Sorry bro, but even our secondary clan is full of good players now. So dont have room. Try to reach out to me again when you’re over the 5k mark

Alright, Thanks anyway. :+1: