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The Best Feeling in the World

For me, at least. The best feeling in the world right now is seeing all these people in my trophy range (3500 - 4000) with Indoraptor Gen 2 and Procerathomimus still using them and trying to rely on them as a crutch- as they’re very easy to beat right now.

Previously, it was pretty much lights out for players like me who have not yet paid to win (maybe when I’ve got the cash- I’m not opposed to paying to win, I just can’t afford it right now) if either of those were on a team and boosted to all hell. That was pretty much every battle.

Now, I can actually battle again. There’s some kind of strategy to it and I don’t have my entire team as attempts to counter these two dinosaurs. It’s a fantastic change. I do hope they don’t stay the way they are right now forever, as I do think the nerf was too harsh, but damn. It feels good destroying these two creatures and the people that rely way too heavily on them.

With that being said, I’m just wondering if anyone else at a similar trophy level has been feeling the same way, or if I’m in the minority of people who have taken great satisfaction in their nerf. Share thoughts and feelings below- and please don’t get into arguments.

This is a place to share your thoughts and experiences- not to bicker and pretend that your opinion is the only correct one.

Happy hunting everyone!

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I took my lvl 19 prorat off of my team but i still use indo gen 2 because i am finding its distracting impact actually usefull. It is nice to be able to kill prorats easily.