The best Gyrosphere!

This is the best gyrosphere event with the best prize:
1.500 DNA
625 LP’s (1.250 Vips)
and a statue that can be: blue, echo, charlie, delta.
All this for only 188 DB.
I already won the first 4 statues.



Im having problems with winning the gyrosphere, any tips?
I know that there are only carnivores to fight, so i pick as many amphibians as possible, still doesnt manage to win…

I tried and have given up. Can’t afford the bucks to try again

Hello! Hi!

I’m not sure the rewards are worth the price but I’ll do it to get all the decorations.

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I have all four in four fights thanks ludia for a awesome chance to win these decorations


uses this strategy:
Take all the amphibians.
(There is a time when amphibians don’t appear, so buy dinosaurs.)
Head of the first stage raptor:
Form a team, the first slot puts the random dino, slot 2 puts the strongest amphibian that can withstand a Raptorr attack, slot 3 puts anybody because you won’t use it.

  • Raptor boss 1st round-raptorr: reserve the point for the next round, sacrifice the random dino.

2nd round: in this round you will receive 3 points, so reserve 2 and make 1 defense.
If the raptor attacks with 2 this turn, you can attack him with 5 points in the next turn, whose calculation will be high.
If he does not attack, he will define a reserve point and a defense point; in this case, you will define 3 defenses and 2 reserves.
Then, in the next round, he will try to attack with 4.
and end it all.

  • 2 stage - 2 raptorr:
    Your team should be formed like this: 1 slot
    weakest amphibian / 2 slot - strongest amphibians you have / 3 - slot can be any amphibian, except the shortest-lived amphibian you used to defeat the raptor in the last step.
    The secret of this step is not to lose the first dinosaur, manage the points so that it remains alive and kill the first raptor.
    (the enemy raptor never reserves all points, he always attacks or puts 1 defense!)
    to recap: kill the first with your first dino and the second with your second dino too, the third that you will not use.

  • 3 raptorrs from step 3:
    Here you will place the amphibian with the longest life in the first slot, the one with the most damage and the longest life in the second slot and in the third slot you will place the remaining amphibian with the shortest life you used in the first stage.
    it is important that you can kill 1 raptor with each dino of yours, for example:
    The first has to kill the first, the second has to kill the second and the third has to kill the third.
    Virtually 1v1.

I think I explained everything :stuck_out_tongue:
Any doubt just ask.


I’ll tell you, it’s worth the loyalty points.

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I am going to read this a few times. I haven’t done a gyrosphere in years tbh. I don’t even remember how it works lol.

I don’t know if my explanation is a little confusing, the English language is very complex for me and the google translator xD

I will have a video out later tonight on the Gyrosphere.

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I’ve not had any trouble winning (my strategy is different than the one given but works for me), but frustrated at not getting all 4 statues, in 8 tries so far. At least the rewards (being a VIP) are reasonably decent. But not sure how many more tries I’m willing to give this.


Tried 2 more, still can’t get the ONE statue I need. Got a Blue 4 times in a row. Very frustrating. Am I the only one having trouble getting all 4 of them??

At least I still haven’t had any losses (knock on wood!) I always use my first dino in each battle to build up reserve points, even when I can only take 1 hit, I often can get to 4 points, and take out the opponent in the first matchup without losing any health on my second amphi (the AI really like to hit you when you are really low on points so picking a dino that has just enough points to not get killed on the first attack gives you the best chance to get more than 2 points reserve). I never like to be in a position where I have to win with my first dino.

Love this gyrosphere event!

Played 18 or 19 rounds and finally got all four statues. Of all those I’ve only gotten two Charlie Statues (got those near the end of my play troughs today), have the most for Delta. :slight_smile:

I knew saving up DB and forgoing speedups would be worth it. :smiley:

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In the end it is only a decoration.
I made one Gyrosphere, got a blue and that’s it for me. If there will be another Gyrosphere in the future I’m giving it another try, but for the time being 188 bucks is more than enough for a decoration that I only need for…well…decoration.


Yeah, but it kind of sucks to have only 3 of the 4. I’d have given up already if the rest of the rewards weren’t fairly decent (particularly the LPs) for the price. I’ve gotten I think 6 Blue in a row now, so glad to hear I’m not the only one that is having bad luck, but definitely done for the night with trying.

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I finally got all four after 12 runs, which happened after I recorded this video:


Did one run and failed yesterday. I feel the price, for me, is not really worth it for decorations which would serve no purpose other than sitting in my special decorations corner. I can see how many runs have been done by you guys to get the set (or not in some cases) and that seems to be with winning every time too. Assuming I did follow the handy tips given I would still not be willing to spend my bucks as they are constantly needed for speed ups.

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As it seems you are unlucky at this event . I got all the four statues with 6 tries :slight_smile:

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The extras after getting all 4. Charlie was a hard one to pop up.

Also, I think the loyalty points are worth more than the decoration. I’d take that trade for 188 bucks in the harbor most every time.