The best raptor: Pyrritator or Utasinoraptor


Utah, Pyro…or Velo?
Pyrritator vs Utasinoraptor?
What’s the best raptor?
Pyro would probably defeat Utah. Maybe they would both fall to Velo
But we don’t see those in current meta. Even Tany is more used than Velo. So we are left with Pyrritator and Utasinoraptor. I have the later and I love to use it. But I still don’t have Pyrritator (need 30 DNA more) so I cannot say if it is better than Utasinoraptor.
What is your opinion and which one is used more in current meta.
Also how would you rank all the raptors?


Pyrritator better.

  1. speed 129 he always act first
  2. he got double action 2x damage ability that can be used continuously. u will feel like using pounce twice.


I’m with Pyrritator, but need to admit that every 2 turn Instant Charge from Utahsinoraptor is really hurt tho.


additional situation if they are fighing each other

If Pyrritator can’t kill Utahsino in 1st turn, he ded :wink:


Pyrritator is better vs indoraptor and magnapyrutor and uthasino is better vs stegodeus. Im using a lvl 22 pyrritator but i admit evrrytime i face a high leveled uthasino i rage xd


Thanks for advices
So you would definitely suggest to upgrade Utasino. Since there is always a question should one spend coins on some other legendary
(I guess same for Pyrritator, once I get it)


Seems like everyone is dusting off Utahsino and putting it back on their teams. Seeing her a lot since 1.4.


pyrritator is faster than utahsino, but it can’t do
anything against slowing creatures.

utahsino is slower, but it has 15% armor,
higher attack, and instant charge.

well, pyrritator can kick utahsino’s ass,
but trust me.

utahsino will work better in battle.