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The best Rare

I’m talking about the creature that I consider the best Rare,the Marsupial Lion:
This creature is very useful to be a rare, he’s fast,he had has Speed Decrease Inmunity,Dodge, a Counter Attack,Rend, Shield Breaking and a big,big crit, these are the reasons is useful for my team (I had it at lv 13 and it can kill a draco at lv 19 and a boosted Sucho at lv 18!)
For all this reasons he’s in Elite-Mid (Over Epics and Legendaries) and he have a power over Mortem Rex


I agree with the points. He is also nice and beatiful right?

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I have to agree with that

Yes,I agree

Thx for the agree

I consider Leo, Sucho, and Lyth the best top 3 rares in the game

Totally a beast, although I prefer Sucho.


Best rare is andrewsarchus IMO. It’s strong and could kill cunning’s.

But I agree marsupial is good.

I know the things you have proposed are good, but I think Wuerhosaurus could be up there with those guys as well. He/she has group decelerating rampage. Group! pretty good for a rare. Also, T. rex g2 is better than andrewsarchus, marsupial lion, and wuerho

Group is only good for raids. While it can also be a bit helpful in arena due to the immediate rampage turn 1, Wuerho also has RS and TB, which while RS is nice, TB isn’t. And that is also 2 turns of cooldown.

And Trex Gen 2 is debatable. While it has damage over these guys, Andrew and Lion beat it (Andrew might die to crit impact, but Lion is completely safe) and Trex counters Wuerho, plus they have 2 different jobs. It’s like comparing apples and oranges

There is a top of best rares by my opinion:
1.Marsupial Lion