The best wants you

Active players, lately our alliance kicked some really inactive guys, and now we have FIVE spots left.

Our top 15 are all above 4k mark, and the top players are above 5k.
We do have beaten Morten a couple of times, and Hadros too.

We got 10 to 20 players REALLY active, and now we need more! It’s just not fair that less than half of an alliance carries out the entire thing.
So, if you wanna grow together, beat the bosses, get some DNA, and make good friendship. Call me, we want you!

We are a real friendly alliance, almost like a family, and even that we are somekind of casual players, we got some hardcore fellas and it’s time to do better.

We got dinos.
We share DNA.
We already beated Apex bosses.
We already won all the raids.
If you wanna grow stronger with us, join us!

Sent me your basic info (level, dino team, trophies, and if you feel comfortable tell me where are you from and which time is the best for you - we surely will find a spot to fit everybody in and get ready to kick some ass :sunglasses:).