The best way to balance Cautious Strike according to GamePress

Take away one of its damage mitigations. This is what makes Cautious strike on Indoraptor gen2 absolutely broken. No creature in the game currently has a move that allows you to double mitigate damage at the same time and every single time in a single move (except maybe Yoshi). Removing cleanse and or speedup from Cautious strike does next to nothing to balance it out and I see a lot forum members advocating for this, which is exactly why we shouldn’t even be having battle balancing surveys in the first place since most of the playerbase ( including myself) don’t know proper battle balancing that well though that’s a topic for another time. I think maybe a minor nerf as in removing dodge, speedup, and the precision effects to Cautious strike would bring it more in line with the other tyrant’s matchups and win rates wise.

Check out the Article it has some interesting findings! (written by OrigamiRobot)

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Disclaimer: Not a staff of GP nor did I write nor find this data, just thought I’d share this with everyone here, and should we get another survey about CS again; this sheds some light on that, and how everyone should vote based off these findings to balance out CS. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why does everyone have so much trouble with this dino!? I swear, it rarely ever takes out one of my team before I can send it slumping to the ground.

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really interesting.
Never thought of it like this to be honest.

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As you can see, the article itself doesn’t say removing distract or dodge is the best option, in fact, It clarifies that other 3 creatures have an even higher win rate. Indo as a whole is strong, but not as strong as people believe. The author suggests that perhaps removing either distract or dodge may be too harsh a nerf. Also, there were no sim results for the removal of both speed up and cleanse, so there’s a chance that this combination is a more moderate nerf that allows indo gen2 to remain a relevant tyrant but allowing more options to counter It. Just the fact that It no longer has such a high win rate is a sign that the nerf It needs is not a harsh one, and i think removing either dodge or distract is too much.

Ahhhhh… no.

If cautious Strike becomes non damaging, it’s not a strike anymore. In fact it becomes useless. And it will only have one damaging move, which has a delay.

I would say take away both cleanse and Speedup. What makes sense? Well…

Dodge makes sense because your cautious.
Percise makes sense because the icon is a sharp eye. It seems like percise.
Distract makes sense because your being cautious so making sure their distracted.


I think the precise can stay. Just removing both cleanse and dodge is the nerf that i think It needs. Just this already allows more strategy.


Those results are staggering!

So there’s no point removing anything then.

By the way those are old sim results. Gemini now has 99% winrate. As for CS, leave it as is or remove Cleanse. If you do too much to CS, it breaks IG2, leaving it with ONE good damaging move.


Why does nobody talk about the addition to it’s Precision effect? Like, you thought it was broken before? And then it can bypass Evasion/Cloak? Why does nobody talk about that? Take away the Precision, the Cleanse, and maybe the Speedup, and it will be okay again. I prefer the speed up to not be taken, but the other two, definitely.

i would say dodge, because indo2 already has another dodge move, evasive stance.

but ludia knows this, and the move got an upgrade, adding precise.

ludia really knows all of this and they want indo2 to be this powerful.

  1. I don’t think the title of the thread is appropriate

False. The article talks about removing them individually.
And, speak for yourself😉.

I mean, it could work, but there’s no reason to think that it would work any better than the popular suggestion to remove Speedup+Cleanse.
That would make a difference 1v1, but Cautious Strike would still give it the same sweeping potential, especially with Evasive Stance up.
Besides, that crazy damage mitigation is the point of the move. If there’s a potential way to fix it without reimagining it completely, I say look into that one.

  1. The article mentioned the Sim used Mutual Fury more with the loss of Speedup and Cleanse, even individually. Yes! That’s basically what we’ve been saying all along. That’s the point of this Indoraptor. It becomes strategic and fun.

I have talked about this multiple times. The loss of Definite Rampage, a high-damage, uncounterable, high crit-chance move that was one of the differentiating features of this hybrid, an ability it gets from Blue’s Precise Pounce, was compensated for by adding Precision.
Indo G2 was meant to counter Dodgers, and that it will. This does not make it OP, it’s the other stuff. Players were complaining about the move so much before Precision was added that we were all sure it would be nerfed even back then.

  1. The removal of Speedup and Cleanse individually made little difference in the sims right? Well, those are abilities that would make a difference over 2 matchups. They make it revenge-killable.
    The removal of Cleanse would allow slow bleeders, say Suchotator to bleed it out and do heavy damage, even if they get KO’d in the process. This is stuff the sims don’t account for.
    Trust me, when the day comes when you can face the Indo G2 that just dodged your Indom’s Cloaked DSR, and one-shot it with your Erlikospyx/Blue/Erlikogamma right out of the gate, you will thank everyone who voted to remove the speedup.
    The day your Suchotator gets a Ferocious Nullifying Rampage off against an Indo G2, you will thank them for removing the Cleanse.
    And finally, the day you’re forced to learn how to actually use Mutual Fury the way it was always intended, and you finally pull off that pro-gamer move like a champ, you will thank Ludia for implementing the change.

Rant over, I guess.

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TL;DR— I don’t think this article tells us anything particularly new or game-changing, and definitely nothing that should suddenly give all our existing opinions an about-turn.

If anything, it reinforces the idea that removing the overlap in abilities between CS and MF will make for more strategic and hopefully fun gameplay.

The biggest problem with Indo G2 is that it can set itself up in only 1 turn, which allows it to sweep even after the first takedown. The sim results we’ve been shown don’t give us any data relevant to that at all.

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Idk either why people bother so much with it. Okay there can be some cases that its unstoppable depending on boosts, player skills and bad hand on my side but 9/10 it goes away fast and painless.

I think it should get rid of cleanse and precise, and lower the chance of dodge to 50%. That would balance it while not really changing how it works too much, but making it susceptible to bleeders. If it does lose precise, then give IndoG2 definite rampage back (or precise shattering), and nerf it’s damage to 1370 or something.

Couldn’t agree more.

Anything with superiority strike and enough hp (like stegod) does decently against indo g2. My stegod wins against him 75% of the time. But I do agree, the move needs a nerf. Just my 2 cents on the subject.

Emphasis on the “My”. Just saying.

Best way is to learn counters to it.

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Why do we always think of nerting a dino. In fact we should not suggest any nerting process since all data is known to every players and we have invested boost on the selected dino that we prefer. There are many dino to counter Indo 2, we should either build her in your team or build a counter to her.
Any nerting process to any dino will create lots of frustration, many players have invested boost. We dont have free refund boost process.


Please consider being rational, indo gen2 has got adequately nerfed in a sense that refrains its last blow to severely injure almost everything, if not directly finish them off. With a lower base damage and no longer definite rampage, what else it can do now? Not to mention you have to sacrifice some room for boosting its speed, that way it will be seemed more a lackluster in standalone. That’s a huge difference from its previous state. And definitely don’t need a further nerf.
If nerfing CS and have its damage and definite rampage back in return, it once again upset the balance. So please leave indo 2 as it is.

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