The best way to prevent droppers?

Let’s face it. The current method of matchmaking in arena 10 and below is supposed to prevent a team of level 12s from fighting a team of level 30s. But that really isn’t the case. Droppers are a huge issue, and I don’t mean the ones who drop by 100 trophies due to bad matchmaking. I mean the ones who have a team fully capable of staying aloft in aviary, but they drop down multiple arenas to get easy wins against weaker people. I’ve seen in screenshots that people drop as far down as Badlands to exploit weaker players for easy, quick incubators! And that’s just scummy, in my opinion.

What do you guys think could be the best system for preventing dropping? Should it reward players for staying in their ranks, punish them for dropping too low, or have a cap on certain things?

The best Anti-Dropper precaution
  • A weekly reward (higher rank = better rewards)
  • A level/boost limit per arena
  • A trophy loss limit
  • No incubators for those who drop below a certain point
  • Other (comment)

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A team power change limit. We’ll call the person you are facing in the arena Bob.

Monday rolls around and Bob switches his max speed level 30 Thor for a level 5 Diplocalus, the level 30 max health Gemini becomes a level 5 Irritator Gen 2, and so forth. Bob starts matches and lets the actual fight time out while watching videos until they drop to arena 9.

Bob is done watching videos and dropping so he goes to change his team and when he leaves a message pops up informing him that he is not allowed to change his team in this way.

Bob is stuck with his current creatures and unable to earn a single incubator for an entire day.

This does not prevent “trying something new”. You could easily replace the Thor with an unboosted lv 21 unique and back. But if your whole team goes down to unboosted level 5 and 10 creatures you would at best be able to slip one of your maxed out creatures back into your team at a rate of 1 a day.

Keep in mind there are adults that have almost no ability to cope with being denied something and this would crush an alliance from fast progression on their missions for the first couple days.

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@Ned and mods? have you seen the amount of threads related to PvP, matchmaking, droppers?? This is a common issue in the forum. Nobody is happy with the arena. I think it’s time you sent a message with all the threads openend (including merged and closed ones) to devs and “high spheres” in order to solve this problem.

thanks! :slight_smile:

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Honestly, just raise the ceiling and create a new arena for players with 7000 points or more.

It gives the top players somewhere new to go, lets the players who are around the mid to bottom of Nublar Shores some breathing room where they have only each other and anyone who moves up from Gryosphere to face (as the top Gryosphere players and the mid to lower Nublar Shores players should be pretty equal in strength anyway), and allows some growth for anyone stuck in the lower leagues.


Incentivize staying where you belong. Right now players in Aviary, Library, Gyro, and Shores all get the exact same incubators for winning a match. There’s no incentive to stay in Shores or Gyro, struggling to win two incubators in a half hour, when you can drop down to Aviary and farm incubators no problem. If every arena had a different and better reward than the one below, more people would try to get and stay there.

(This fixes lower arenas, too. People dropping out of higher arenas causes a cascade effect where everyone keeps falling – either intentionally or through losses to stronger teams – and pushing the people below them down. If more people stay where they belong, the arena in general is a better place for everyone.)

Ludia also needs to scrap season reset. It is an artificial progress block that bunches players of varying team strengths together in a bloodbath every single month. It takes a week or two for it to even begin to even out.


I think that if u couldn’t drop out of ur curent arena it would make scense, not only would it prevent inocent players droping to idk where cuz of bad matchmaking but dropers wouldn’t be a thing.

Now this may casue some issues i haven’t thought of but i think it’s a somewhat ok solution.

Just a think from a newb who’s only gone as high as arena 7, but what if once you open an arena it becomes available to you and has not a player level cap but a dinosaur power cap… ie if you swap to smol dinos instead of dropping on purpose by loosing a bunch of times in a row, you’re simply bumped to that arena level range. If your dinos on your team overstep the power level, you get booped back to their level area…

Of course theres the complication of trophies to consider, maybe they can only loose or gain trophies by participating in their highest available arena? They’re kinda just arbitrary “look how tough I am” things anyway are they not?

I’m willing to bet there are also some droppers out there who just get BORED of the same arena for ever… the same dino matches for ever… ect. too. Maybe it would help people add some flavor to their PVP as well…?

Yeah, like I was telling someone the other day, I’d love to temporarily teleport to a lower arena like Lockdown where I can mess around with my low-level new creatures, then teleport back to Library if I need incubators or something. I do mess around with low-level creatures in Library and Aviary too sometimes, but it’s not quite the same.

The problem with having your arena determined by Dino power level instead of trophy count is that you could get incredibly high trophy counts by just grinding with low level creatures in lower arenas, so there’s less incentive to level up and boost your creatures to climb. You could stay in the bottom arena and still be at the top of the leaderboard, or spend a lot of time in the lower arenas and then jump right back up for your incubators every day.

Perhaps you could leave everything as is, but add a new option once you leave an arena behind. The game could monitor the average creature power level in that arena every season, and you can battle in that arena if you pick creatures that don’t exceed that power level past a certain limit. You won’t gain trophies for doing that, but you can rack up battles for your DBI (the DBI would still be set to the highest arena you’ve reached) and win incubators (although these would be set to the arena you’re currently battling in, not based on your actual trophy count).
Traditional dropping would not be possible in this system (perhaps there could be a limit so you can’t drop in the traditional sense by more than 1 arena).

Matchmaking would be an issue though, since matchmaking in lower arenas is based on both trophy count and team power, and if you’ve teleported from a higher arena the game can’t use your trophy count. Since your team is approximately at the average power level for that arena, the game could give you a temporary average trophy count for that arena (so if the arena is 5000-5500 trophies, you would have a temporary trophy count of 5250).

I’d also add a feature where you can manually cap your creatures’ levels, like how raids do, but for free, so you can use something you have at level 30, in a lower arena at say, level 20.

There would be quite a bit of work to get this system running though, and I’m not even sure if it would be possible.

There’s no real benefit to dropping anymore. The problem is the current finite number of Arenas while players continue to level up. The number of high end teams/players means that they are being forced down to accommodate them. Instead of options that might hurt casual players as well, just add several new high end Arenas to allow those players to expand up and bring the Arena into balance again. The only problem might be that in another year or two, you would have to keep adding which could potentially be an ongoing problem.

Personally I’d scrap the whole Arena system as it currently stands in favour of a Chess style ELO system.

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I actually like this idea of being able to teleport to already cleared arenas while level capping dinos (or similar). But just as you stated, it’ll be a bit complicated to implement. Who’s to say what is appropriate or not for said arena? (Besides the obvious cases)

Matchmaking is a joke.

Fix it.

its prob going to stop soon cuz stats are coming out and if alliances start to see that someone is a dropper, they wont want them or they will see how many battles they have lost and wont want them. there needs to be some level limit, not like you cant go up into a certain arena, but so after getting an 8th creature in your whole dinodex to a certain level you cant go down an arena. like if you have 8 level 30’s, you cant do down to avairy

The idea I put forth was that every season the game could calculate the average creature power in each arena. Then anyone who wants to teleport back to that arena has to use creatures within a certain limit of that average power level, so they have a more-or-less even chance of winning or losing in that arena.

They would be given a temporary trophy count according to the trophy range of the arena they’re teleporting to (for example if they teleport to Aviary they’ll have a temporary trophy count of 4750), so that regular matchmaking can be used (based on creature power plus trophy count).

And yes, I think it would be pretty complicated to implement, but it seems like it would work.

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Hey there, Pirulass. I understand that there has been some frustration towards the current Battle Arena. Please rest assured that we have seen the feedback and have brought them to our team’s attention.


I understand full well what you were saying and agree

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Excuse the cynicism, but I don’t think anyone doubts that. It’s what your team does (or doesn’t do) with that information that’s concerning. I know you can’t assure us that they’ll take action, but thanks anyway.


Hey Qaw, I do understand where you are coming from. :sweat:

What I can assure is that our team is listening, and the feedback from our players is always appreciated!

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I’d like to see something like raid limits applied to arenas - team members are capped in terms of level and boosts applied - this would stop droppers and massively unbalanced teams with one over levelled / boosted creature (looking at you Nitro Thors).

Thor is a problem, because there was a time it was easy to get massive amounts of DNA to make Thor. I see the level 30 fully boosted Thors in upper Aviary/lower library and can’t compete with those even though I have a L29 boosted one. That’s not the players fault, it’s definitely on Ludia for allowing it to happen in the first place by ignoring balance.
Matchmaking is a joke, I play 2-3 battles I have no chance of winning, 2-3 battles I’d be hard pressed to lose and one every 15 matches that is balanced. That’s certainly not any players fault.
My question is why are there nearly top level teams in upper Aviary/Lower library when there are 3 arenas above that level? Are Gyro and Nublar stuffed full and overflowing into the lower arenas, or are they so empty players drop so they can get a match?

If they are stuffed full, make new arenas.

If they are empty, they are full of whales. You need to drop pricing on P2W so you have competition for the whales.