The best way to spend (not waste) dino bucks?

I finally managed to stay on 5000+ DB for a while (which is not that much compared to what some of you have, when I see the pictures you upload), but I feel that I could allow myself to spend a little more. I usually spend money on tournaments (5 DB per battle, not cool down), boss battles, some modded PVP (not every day) and the gold prize wheel every week. Once in a while I give money for a second spin after battes, if I feel it’s a good change I get something I want (like aquatic). Is it worth paying for the platinum prize once in a while? (I know there is an ongoing thread on that subject.) Is it worth paying to speed up hatching? I find myself sitting with 200+ unhatched creatures, where only 2-3 is creatures I bought with DNA. The rest is battle rewards and some coin to aquatic trades. I’m currently working on some more I-rex and my second ostaposaurus. But I feel that I should also work on some tournament creatures or other legendary hybrids. But hatching takes time…Right now I have only 4 creatures higher in ferocity than my 8 diplosuchus level 10 working horses (sorry for referring to a non-prehistoric animal), but going for dimetrocarnus soon and after that monostegotops. I feel tempted to speed up some hatching, but I don’t know if I rather should use (not waste) some of my DB on something else. What is your opinion? Where are you using DB?


I haven’t seen anyone on these forums with more DB than I’ve got, so I’ll just lay out what I spend DBs on. I do tournaments, I do boss events that give SDNA prizes (Apocalyptic Bloodshed, Ultimate Objection and Baneful Hostility, I DO NOT participate in Boss Vs. Boss events or Ominous Engagement). I also do up to 3 modded pvp battles to satisfy the daily mission requirements. I spend bucks to activate incubators in the hatchery as well, on a regular basis.

I do not spend bucks to speed up cool downs. I also don’t spend bucks on prize drops or the prize wheel associated with it. I’ve never spent bucks for a second spin after battles. Over time this approach has left me with a pretty large hoard of resources.

I’m in a similar situation to you with 183 unhatched creatures, so I totally get the temptation to speed up hatching. There’s one person over on the Facebook group for this game who has more bucks than I do, I’ve been trying to catch him for months now but he has VIP and I don’t so it’s a struggle, so I don’t spend bucks to speed up hatching. Whether you speed up hatching or not is up to your discretion, but if you do I would recommend waiting for the hot time discount on Tuesday mornings that gives you 10% off hatchery speedups, more if you’re VIP.


That’s great but it’s not like it’s collecting interest or doing anything for u just sitting around so what’s the point of hoarding dbs?

I think keeping a stash is a great idea, who knows when something might come up and spending a few dbs can help one way or another.

In the long run dbs r the sole resource that can save you time, which is a real thing. Using dbs to speed up anything u want or need is never a bad thing as long as you have the other resources to keep the wheels turning. For example, speeding up a bunch of tournament dinos hatches to get the new hybrid quickly is fine. But if u do so and then no longer have any dna left to fill your hatchery back up then it wasn’t time well spent.

I find dbs to b the strangest resource in the game and how people use or don’t use them.


I couldn’t agree more with what (and how) you wrote this. I would not be able to describe it better without being in danger to sound offensive or condescending - and that is the last I would like to be. As everyone has its own game strategy, I would never try to declare what’s right or wrong way.
It is indeed very “strange” how different people are using that resource. DB = time, there is no mystery obout the definition. So I guess it is the most important to find the right balance on DB spending. In my opinion, if you are overly dedicated to DB saving in order to “save time” - you are actually doing the opposite: you are waisting time while waiting to your stockpile reach the goal which is set too high. Also, if you spend all your DBs on speeding up some “not essential” timers - you are also waisting your time as you will not have enough DBs to speed up something more vital to your game.
Setting up the amount which is “maintainable” (in order to be able to reach it reasonably quickly after you use it) - but also sufficient in case you need to spend it is crucial IMO.
For my game style it is anywhere in 40.000-60.000 DBs range. That way I can speed up tournament or hybryd creatures when needed (usually twice per week) - but it doesn’t take months for me to renew it when I spend them.

I have similar view on excessive stockpiling of DNA as during a long process of saving - I have a feeling like I actually don’t PLAY the game, bit just watching it (therefore missing all the fun…) - but that’s another topic, I guess

Again, there is no wrong or right way, this is only my view of the gameplay…


I didn’t say that and I’ve certainly never heard of another bucks hoarder saying that either. I’m aware it doesn’t save time. I’m aware it’s slower.

I’ve got 10,346,600 DNA worth of in game purchases I plan on making. Even factoring in the hot time discounts, I’m short by about 6,000,000 DNA. I couldn’t even burn my way through my hoard of bucks if I wanted to, because I’d run out of DNA first. I prefer to play it slow. I put my creatures in the incubator and wait as long as it takes to hatch them.

I play this game a lot. I’ve chosen not to speed up hatching, which directly causes bucks to pile up, and since I’m not constantly buying creatures due to my incubators always being full, it indirectly causes my DNA to pile up as well. There’s value to me in that liquidity. If Ludia ever decides to release an amphibian better than Gorgosuchus I’ll be able to get it whenever I want, players without big hoards can’t say the same.

As you say, there’s no right or wrong way to play, there’s a line each player draws as to how large a resource stockpile they want to have on hand. That line is completely arbitrary and mine is clearly way higher than yours.


My 2 cents…

@Subxero11, @filip1971, and @Jambo have laid reasons that are all true.

You need to find the balance that works for you. DB = Time and some special things, but mostly time. Saving your DB for just reaching a certain threshold might be right for you but I would want you to ask yourself why that threshold? For me that threshold is 50,000 this number makes me feel good right now I am at a little over 70,000 but that’s because hatching tournament hybrids eats up so much DNA that I don’t have the purchasing power to speed up anything else (this goes to @Subxero11 point) if speeding up something to then leave something else vacant doesn’t mean you have done anything wrong it just means maybe you aren’t being the most efficient useable of what the game gives you. But this doesn’t mean you did anything wrong either.

DB can be used for the items you listed off and then the other areas are when special packs become available some are weekly and others come around once a year. There are also some events that cost a decent amount of DB 1,000 per attempt sometimes that might interest you.

In the end the correct thing to do with the DB is what makes you the most happy with the outcome.


Give some to chanya😂 she might need some😂. But I still would collect more and more dino bucks as much as possible

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The reason why I horde my DB away is because I personally enjoy the feelings of saving then splurging. At the start of this year I had 200,000 DB and spent a lot on speeding up my stockpile of about 500 dinos, and dropped to about 100,000. Back in 2018, I dropped about 70,000 dbux on the 2018 packs when I took a hiatus from this game because my phone was broken, this way I had several copies of dinos that I missed while I was gone.

I enjoy saving mainly because with my rather passive way of playing this game, I’m in no rush.

There isn’t a wrong way to spend DB really. It just comes down to what you want, when you want it, and what you’re willing to give for it.

Many players who are impatient and spend every DB they get are just giving up late long-term investments for instant gratification. Many players spend rarely and just save. Others fall between those two camps.

Thus there isn’t really a wrong answer here.


Thank you all for your answers. :slightly_smiling_face: Looks like I will save some and spend some DB as before. I don’t know if I will aim to stockpile a significant higher amount at my current level. I do have a question about the special packs @Sionsith was referring to: do you mean those that currently are called “double the dinosaurs”? How often do these packs have anything decent inside? I didn’t think these packs were worth it. The only packs I’m getting are the solid gold packs for VIP points (that I always feel are accumulating to slow, as I’m a non-VIP). Is there a special time of the year, the yearly packs come? Then it may be worth stockpiling DBs before that… And the 1000 DB events you are referring to, do you mean gyrosphere?


Yes the ones that are offered on a rotational basis through out the week, but there are others that are offered from time to time, sometimes they cost DB some times they cost DNA. I have seen tournament hybrids and legendary hybrid packs in the past offered for 5-10k DB a pop, as well as SDNA packs offered for 20-70k DNA.

And yes I am referring to the special Gyrosphere events that can sometimes cost 1,000 DB an attempt. But there is nothing that would keep Ludia from introducing something new that would require a decent amount of DB to do.

Speaking of… I just noticed this:


how long has that been there for?

Db for me are very important, they’re an essential resource to help me gain on other important resources such as dna and sdna, for instance the new boss wave event gives 4k dna and either a legendary or super rare just at a cost of 200 db, well worth investment imo, along with grinding modded battles for sdna and the boss raid events which all cost bucks.

I saved early game, but now I’ve hit between 50k and 60k db, I dont feel the need to save more, this is my safety net.

Usually I spend quite a bit of bucks on hatchery speedups each week to take advantage of the dna discounts, sometimes if I’m feeling it i will speed up creation lab fuses too, i dont necessarily need the creature to that level at that specific time but it’s just for satisfaction really, I could probably save more but I’m not patient enough lol :sweat_smile:

I take every trade I see for DB regardless of the resource then dna is the next important resource I look at in the trade harbour next to DB.

At the end of the day, some people are happy splurging, others happy hoarding, you just gotta find where the value of DBs sit in your game.


Since the switchover today @ankylodocus_fanboy

That’s one event I wont be investing in, shame really I love gyro battles :tired_face:

why not? It looks so fun!

It has been close to impossible past 2 times. Quite luck based too and 1loss means you’re out. Gotta pay 1000 DB again.


@ankylodocus_fanboy that is the reason why.

1k DB is the equivalent of 100 modded battles which will provide me with a far better payout and more gauranteed rewards than 1 near impossible gyro battle, no thanks, I had my fun with that event last year :joy:

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gotta consider the time investment as well. You could win an I rex in a few mintues, would take a while to do 100 modded PvPs.

(I’m actually on your side but just like debating :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

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That is true, plus I would not be able to commit to 100 modded battles in a week let alone in a day lol :joy:

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The second they patched out the save/quit exploit is the moment the gyrosphere events died. I know of few experienced players who are willing to risk 1,000 DB for an event that might screw them over based on pure RNG.

It’s such a shame, too, because it’s a really good concept and the arena is beautiful. Too bad Ludia made the opponents too strong for it to be worth it.

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I think I survived from this gyrosphere because I just unlocked indominus yesterday so I dont have to do this gyrosphere