The best way to use certain creature markers and the use of every Marker

We all use creature markers for a purpose but this topic will help you a bit.

Note: Marker purposes may change overtime.

Red Marker
This is the first marker of your menu. I use this for Marking creatures working towards that are not unlocked.

Orange marker
The second marker of the menu. I suggest that you use this to keep track of creatures you want to avoid from catching or collecting Dna.

Yellow marker
Third marker in the menu. This one could be the most help when coming to getting apex Dna. I use this marker to mark the creature(s) I use in apex raids.

Green marker
Fourth marker in the menu. I suggest you use this marker to mark creatures you want to get to max out.

Blue marker
Fifth marker of this menu. I say you need this marker to mark creatures you need Dna the most of including unlocked hybrids.

Last but not least the purple marker
I suggest to use this marker to mark the tournament creatures you is use most in tournaments


The problem when trying to use so many different colors is the fact that many dinos can fall in more than one category and you can only put one marker per dino (would be nice if we could put 2, 3 or more marker on a dino.

Yes we need that.

The only real use is for changing to your low level dropping team faster.

Mark your worthless 8 with low hp in the same color. Now you can quick change your main team with the week team. No more scrolling through your colection.

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Even though I’ve already completed the achievements, it would have been nice to have the markers for the dart (insert number) different epic/common/rare creatures. I think the last was around 140 and it got a little difficult to remember which ones had already counted because it doesn’t tell you. So maybe for newer players try marking each one as you go so you know what you need to look for. I do wish they would expand it to put multiple colors on a single dino or even make your own colors. Maybe even make it possible to edit or name the marker colors so you know what each color represents. I’m sure that’s too complicated but it would be helpful in a longterm game like this.

Why would anyone want to avoid collecting DNA for any creature?

Exactly, when you don’t need for example Velo just don’t dart it no need to place the mark on it

Because there’s a limit. Like my Megisto. I know it has a hybrid but…

I know there’s a limit, like i’ve hit 500,000 Velociraptor, so I don’t bother darting it anymore. Just seems odd to use a marker for that.

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Also your Megisto is unlikely at the limit, assuming you are referring to 25,000.

I used Red not unlocked
Purple level 30
Orange Full boost
Yellow creatures that Want to be lv 30 a

I have 500k common dilo so I stopped shooting it. I can’t collect anymore so it’s a waste of darts.

Yup, although if I donate any Velo I usually dart it just to top it back up, but sometimes it’s nice to not have to dart everything knowing you are not missing out on dna. :grin:

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I am referring to 50k.

Wow that’s crazy amount! I think it’s a short-spawn creature so you’re lucky to have that amount, or i’m just really unlucky.

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It’s actually not true that we all use the markers for different things.

I haven’t used them, see absolutely no reason to either, and haven’t even looked at them.

Me too
10 :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

I move around a lot.

Purple is just to mark my main team. This is to help me keep track of who I want to use in those Unique tournaments.

Blue marks Rare dinos that I actively ask my alliance for. It’s a mix of dinos that I have no current use for (stockpiling like Carnotarus and Gorgosaurus since they wanna be important now) and those that I will need in the future.

Orange functions the same way as Blue, but for Commons. I ask my alliance for these marked dinos, and these are mainly DNA that I plan on using in the future.

Yellow also functions the same way as Blue and Orange, but for Epics.

Red is used to mark dinos that I haven’t unlocked and am working towards unlocking.

The only one I haven’t used is Green.

For me :
Purple : main team
Red : Legendary tournament
Yellow : epic
Blue : rare