The better REAL Legendary tank round FINALS

Tragod vs Stegod

  • Tragod boyz
  • Cool stegod

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Giga vs Nodopad

  • Spiky Gigaspike
  • Purple Nodopadatitan

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Rajakylo vs Ankyntro

  • Rajaklyo
  • Ankyntro

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Alankylo vs scoola

  • Scooooola
  • Alaaaaan klyo

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Nothing beats the pink noodle, it’s simply immortal.

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Stegod, giga, Ankyntro, and Alanklyo go on to semi finals

  • Stegodues!!!
  • Ankyntrosaurus???

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  • Gigaspikasaur
  • Alanklyosaurus

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Ok it’s stegodues vs alan!! Who wins

  • Stegodues
  • Alanklyosaurus

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I use Alankylosaurus, the others are excellent, but the armored chicken is better when you have to block other tanks or cloak users.