The big boys!

Personally i really like these dinos! But i kinda think brachio needs a hybrid… maybe with secondontosaurus in some way… Brachondontosaurus…? Idk. Anyway, looking out for some giraffotitan DNA. I really want nodopotatitan, but i can’t find any… do they spawn near water? I think they do… Someone got Nodopotatitan yet? :sauropod::sauropod::sauropod:

I want them to make a rex/seco hybrid just so they can call it sexy rexy.


Giraffatitan is a L4 local spawn.
That means, wherever you can see lots of Parasauropophus & Iguanodon spawn, and not around a bank (nest), Giraffatitan will also be there.

In a word underwhelmed

@Creative_Screen_name Agreed, the absence of Rampage is disappointing to me and the counter-attack is just too low.

I really like the big sauropods and used Brachiosaurus a lot when it was first released (I bought the guaranteed incubator when it was on sale), I like to think I startled a few players with it’s inclusion. :joy:

Lately I find myself using Giraffatitan more since it has swap in slow and is easy enough for me to come by (I live in L4) and so is easier to level up.

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