The Big Question on Monomimus

Ludia, please I need closure on this conflicting concept: being that it is eligible, will Monomimus get a SuperHybrid or will it not?

I understand Ludia could conflict to answer this seeing as there are many players that have leveled their Monomimus well beyond level 20 and fear the rebuttal of a Monomimus SuperHybrid. But with that in mind, they could go off the argument that “well have you really lost anything when Monomimus has helped you so much up to this point?” Going forward with the notion of creating a SuperHybrid variant.

I believe the community deserves an answer to this.


Definitely would be nice to know. I have been holding back on lvling as well.

I don’t see what skill you add to Monomimus.

So it’s just more HP or more attack. Then nerf it to about where Monomimus was and nerf Monomimus.

So I really hope they leave Monomimus alone. Its not getting better. Monolophosaurus will still be impossible to collect.


Monomimus is like a superhybrid, so if they make him a unique for sure they will nerf stats and create a new unique monomimus whit actual stats of monomimus xd


Hoping it does. Give it the dilo treatment.

Signed, a lvl 22 monomimus user.


Sure, just give us the amount of coins that would be necessary to work on it’s super hybrid too.

There are enough creatures with nullifying abilities to take on Monomimus.

I could live with a (very) small nerf regarding attack or health. But I would rather not.

Aren’t you top 5 or at least top 20? Why are you asking such things?
They could just come up with completely new dinos and hybrids.

That’s my big concern too, they pull a Dilo on Monomimus and nerf him just to make a new unique.

Yessir I am, #5. And, I don’t even use Monomimus. It is a very tempting prospect to add to my team especially with how much folks rave about it, BUT I would hate to invest so much into it now with a plausible reality it could receive a new SuperHybrid. The FOMO is real with this dinosaur. Every time I consider powering up, this voice comes up in my head…


That’s why de-leveling should be a thing. Fortunately I wasn’t effected by the Dilorano-Diloracheirus trick, but I would probabably react in a way that equals Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945, if I were effected with my Lvl 23 Monomimus…

See that’s the thing, when I got my Diloranosaurus to level 20, I had this hunch that I should leave it be where it was. 2 weeks later, the announcement for Diloracheirus came out, and I had 8k Ouranosaurus ready in reserve. Now I have the highest/first level 30 Diloracheirus in the game. I wanna be prepared in the case something would happen for Monomimus


they won’t tell you…or they cannot sell the incubator now…

in their terms, they can change any stat of any dino they want…at their discretion…

once they change, they can sell the same incubator again.

they did it to diloranosaurus…nerf 5 level damage and create a new one with the white bird.

players need to pay and play more to get the new unique…only ludia benefits then

I popped an epic scent today and it gave me 2 mono. Wow!!! At first I couldn’t even recognise what type of dino it was right in front of me…that’s how long since I encountered one in the wild. Sadly those fuses gave me nothing but 10s. Sigh


Well they are reaching the opposite, at least me, i worked too hard whit extreme hot in summer to gwt that dilophosaurus dna and i had a lvl 21 dilonaro when most of the people had it at 18. Now i didnt even create dilonacheirus, dinocheirus is in a zone so far from my l3 trash zone and im more and more lazy in this game and ofc invest less and less money, some months only vips cause in lazy to cancel it for 10 bucks.
I had a great well leveled dino in that time and i got 1 month after a trash dino and people who didnt worked so hard to overlevel him past 20 had enought dna to create dilonaro…same whit raptors nerfs i had a v raptor at 24 when most of people had it at 19, had a pyroraptor and utharaptor at 19 when people had it at 11,12…is so fun the lost of work, coins and dna because why not xd
Some days i dont even battle for incubators and i think atm the only good in this game for me is epics strike towers, but work hard for dinos for posterior nerfs bah i prefer to be casual and dont work for nothing and only collect easy dna

Legendary Dilo = Red turkey
Unique Dilo = Green turkey

when u make every unique lvl 30 too soon…you will prob. quit this game…i guess. coz fighting would be boring, no fun

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Unless Ludia raises the barrier. If so, the coins to level them higher will be a killer.

Whenever I think I should quit, I also think about the money I already invested. That kept me going. But every once in a while some reasonal voice in my head says ‘Get out of there as long as you can! You’ll lose even more money! It’s a (money) trap!’

I dont have problem to quit if game dont give me fun anymore, i already quit from black desert online and i invested in that game like 10k euros in 2 years xd, i had fun in the time i invested the money but theres no reason to keep wasting money in something dont like because i had fun and invested money in the past

I mean idk, I’m kinda having fun with my 3 lvl 30 Uniques lol