The biggest bruh moment

So recently I made a post where i said that I haven’t seen a para lux for 2 years excluding events after i moved girlfriend who only started playing in march sees at least 1 every day,we live in the same house,go to the same school,even in the same car(passengers) and she always sends me images of a para lux already has a level 20 para lux and 1203 para lux dna and hasn’t even unlocked my luck trash?


Welcome to the bad luck train, friend. Maybe someday you’ll join me with my 1/1000000000 chance.


Even worse,she just asked me to help her dart it three minutes ago


Yup that happens to my wife and I. Sometimes I’ll have something good and she won’t sometimes it’s roles reversed. Sometimes I’ll have an event drop and she won’t. Makes no sense why it does this. Ludia says it’s something about clearing cache. :man_shrugging:

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Event drops can be different if one person had the app open when the daily change over happens. Two pics below were after daily change over, top one is before app restart, bottom one is after app restart. Notice spawns are in same exact positions. Strike towers end up ‘covering’ up daily dino drops. That’s why sometimes they are so scarce. Wish strike towers would completely go away after completion instead of just fading out


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Welcome to Bad luck central,where I can’t find any Dimetrodon when I need it for weekly Data

To show what I meant in an earlier post. This was today. She has giga and event drop and I don’t but have an apatosaurus and a regular drop :man_shrugging:

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If you both restart the app then do you both see the same thing ? @Phil

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nope, it hasn’t worked before. We both had freshly relaunched our games after the strike towers and events changed for the day.


Here’s another example while we walked our dog. This time i had the event drop and she didn’t. last time she had the event drop and i didn’t.

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Thanks. That’s pretty wild. Haven’t seen anything like that before.

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