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The biggest difference between Tournaments 1 & 2:


So this “season” has been going on for about a week or so and there’s one thing that I didn’t realize until just now (and that’s mostly because it was fixed).
Spoofers/cheaters had ruined the last tournament to the point that it felt annoying just opening the app.
Sure I’ve played against teams a little stronger than mine, and some weaker (even to the point where the outcome would be predictable)…

But I’ve not seen a single team with all uniques or squads with Dinos that cannot feasibly be at a particular level at this point in the game.

There is always going to be room for improvement (and that goes for almost everything)… but in this aspect, Ludia put their money where their mouth was.

Please send a sincere Thank You to the developers for this moderators. (and to you as well for listening to our venting)

@Ned @Chris @Sara @Jorge


Well said that man :+1:


Agree to whats been said above!!
When I check my recent opponents, I do not see any flagged cheaters like last time (there would be at least a couple of over-leveled cheaters) and even the opponents seem to be matched within decent trophies range.

Great work!! And thanks for listening to us :slight_smile:


Well im facing nowadays random guys whit uniques at 25,26 i think ludia need to do a clean again

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Well said @Hersh they did a really good job with this.

Do you think of something special? Before it was so easy to tell with all the erlidominus level 26 like 2 weeks after the release :joy: I saw sometimes teams a little too over the top but without knowing how they play and how much they spend it’s hard to tell. I choose to trust Ludia on this because I think they handled well the situation after the fist tournament (and as long as as they are going to watch carefully)


So far everyone I’ve faced is ranked, so no identified cheaters which is a good thing. Means I’m losing against actual hardcore players and not spoofers.

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Well said @Hersh. As always. Very moderate.

Anyhows, maybe you don’t realized it - you beat me in the arena couple of days back…:sweat_smile:


I’m only at 4200. But faced same player 3 times today. Just filling a slot and getting my 10 kills. So only player I faced today.

I love that they listened and got rid of cheats. But due to fake end of tank meta and fake migration and fake balance the game is quickly declining.


I feel something is worng when a random guy, not well knowed hardcore players have a lvl 26 trykosaurus + lvl 28 indoraptor and a stegodeus at 22,yes i fought yesterday that guy, i can say you have stegodeus at 30 before even have a trykosaurus and indoraptor at 25+

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uhoh! Sorry about that :grimacing:
I hope it was a fun one though!

Feel free to add me (Hersh #2723)


Dayum, very few of my dinos are even over level 20. I’m going up against folks who have more of the special ones than me. I try to win, but not always and enjoy what I do get. Still in Level 7 Sorna Marshes. Keep wondering where I’m going wrong. I have the Hope’s one day of moving out and up. Have a good day all!


kind of feels the same to be honest. my team is almost exactly the same as all of season 1. dont really see a reason to upgrade unless i can do it for free since rng decides most games anyways. finished top 250 with like 4700 trophies season 1. now at like 4660 for season 2.

only ones that i question are the arena exclusive uniques like magnapyritor and touromoloch at high levels.