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The boost rework is...inconvenient

I’ve had a good, solid team for a awhile now and I knew everything about them. I knew how much each one could do for damage and what they could handle. Now, it’s like I’m playing someone else’s team. I have to completely relearn my team and figure out a new system too. It’s kind of annoying and I hate that I have to put more work into something I was already comfortable with. end rant


All of us are having to adjust to this.


All of us are being shafted with this update.


just like everything: it evolves for good or bad

It’s change. We must adapt to it.


lets just think about this change with a bit of a melody



Welcome to the world of gaming. Things change, things you’ve probably paid for.

Guess what, the company can change it as they see fit. At least its a change for the better long term. Open your eyes and stop complaining.

You’ve got to play smart, no more stupidly boosted Thors or rats in every single damn team. No more lvl 23s beating lvl 27s because they’re boosted more.

It’s more based on level than boosts now. Which is how its suppose to be. If you don’t like it, then leave.


It was an experience the first couple battles. Felt like a newbie. But I threw my hat in the ring and placed my boosts. I’m seeing players now in the mid to upper 20s that I’d have to struggle just to get two wins towards my DBI and now it’s much easier getting past them since mine are all lvl 30 and boosted. A year and a half later and I’m finally working my way back up. I doubt I’ll get back to my old placement which used to be ranked 30 and above but that’s ok. I’ll end up where I’m suppose to be hopefully now. The reduction in attack and health are the hardest parts to adjust to. One miscalculation and boom. You’re bleeding.


This is where you are wrong. Not once was I complaining. I only said that everyone is getting shafted. But no worries I will be smiling with my Thor that has tier 11 damage and tier 14 speed. See you in the arena sometime bub.

I agree that it should be more so based on level than boosts because the whole point of the game is to go out into the world and look for DNA.

I think the biggest problem people are having is that a lot of us spent money on these boosts and now the creatures are just rewound back to base level with basically nothing to amp them back up with.

They stole money from us, plain and simple. And I feel very justified in complaining about that.


My Magna will be waiting.

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That would be like if Ludia changing it back to boosts (and then very well could) and you saying it’s so dumb a lower level boosted dinosaur can beat my higher level and superior dinosaur. And people who invested in boosts arrogantly telling you to shut up and if you dont like it to just leave


So… You’re ok if your level 28 Thor got beat by a level 24 because theirs was boosted more? Even though you worked harder on your lvl 28?


Actually Asta you are wrong. People bought intellectual content based on the present at the time. You owned that based on the current situation. As soon as Ludia changed that situation they committed fraud. Example. Go purchase a car with Bose radio. Take it in for service and you pick up with cheap radio. They say well we changed what radio you bought because we could, but you still have a radio. You can put on all the same stations ect. You purchased boosts based on 6 boosts got you 2 levels. Now they get you none. But hey you still have the boosts. Still fraud. Any one can go get refunded for this in their app stores.

If your point was the game is how it should be, I would agree. I was tired of lvl24/25 Thor’s with 10,10,10. And Draco the same. Level, skill and grinding should be the win. Not spoiled rich people. But the real blame falls on Ludia and their incompetence to understand their own game. Lack of testing and no forward thinking. Because of this more people will be driven from this game, cause their imaginary bragging rights will be stripped and they will actually have to work to be the best.


Your missing the point. Your aggressively attacking people’s points of views why? Because you Ludia to keep going in the same direction?

And am I okay with it? I haven’t seen it happen, because lvl 28s are typically boosted just as much as 23s. But some could make arguments that players who pay should be entitled to shortcuts and yes ultimately surpass players who been playing forever. Many games do that.

All I’m saying is before you go around acting like a really big D and trying to tell people their wrong for being upset and that they should be happy or leave. It is very possible for such a flakey company like Ludia to turn the tables on you and cater to the customers who boosts. I would argue at that point if you were complaining all these people complaining now would be entitled to thumb their noses at you and gloat over your misfortune

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There is some good arguments especially at the end. Ultimately Ludia is to blame for this rift between players and for screwing people out of money


The only adjustment I’m having to get use to on my 2nd account where I play none boosted is it’s easier to beat the same level teams because they have no or maybe a boost or two.

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Ludia clearly states in their terms or service that they can change a feature or product at any time. We agreed to this after we read the terms of service. So actually they aren’t committing fraud if they change something about the game. Bought or other wise. We agreed to the terms. They can change things as they see fit.

Technically, if you took a car to a dealership with a radio that wasn’t stock you’re voiding the warranty on that vehicle.


You’re and They’re by the way.

As stated above Ludia can change their product how ever they see fit. What they’re doing is common among most, if not all companies. They can change what they like. We agreed to it.

So really, I’m coming off this way because so many people are complaining about it and I’m tired of seeing it when they should of already known this was going to happen. Hell, we did know. Ludia posted the change months ago.


Now, I’m done dealing with all this. Any more responses will be ignored.

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