The boost strike. It does not exist

Not even in the distance. If it’s speed boosts though, not much loss for me. I have 886 unused speeds anyway. Still annoyed I missed the past 2 weeks of boost strikes though.

It won’t apprear for another 43 ish minutes

If it will appear, it’ll be somewhere in the horizon. Or just right next to me, just because I don’t need it lol.

Second week in a row that I can’t reach the boost strike.
We’re confined home, not allowed to get out…

This is being happening for longer than a month now. 1 out of every 3 rare strikes gone. 1 out of every 2 epic strikes gone. And so on with everything else… Any fix coming?

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It appeared in an area I might be able to reach from my bathroom. But the trial is nullify trial. Which I like lol. I can use Gemini. May be a glitch because I didn’t restart though.

I see two boost strikes. One is close and another one on other side in distance. Nullify trial is almost on every corner. Two towers and one trial only, but they still can’t make it right.

Those trials need to get changed. They arent strike towers, so they should look different and not taking space of normal strikes.

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trials also give really bad rewards, it feels like nothing changed from reward gain from towers + trials. Well, at least the rewards are really small for trials :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I didn’t realise there was a boost strike running until I saw this thread.
All that’s in my area are grey heavy armor towers as far as the eye can see…

I ended up reaching it. Now what am I going to do with 913 speed boosts? Hoping there will be a Kaprosuchus G2.

Oh no. not another kapro!
I only hate them because of Ark. Stupid things snatch you off mounts.

Lol. I like Kapro, looks so smug!

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JWA kapro looks so much better than this one IMO.

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Yeah. JWA Kapro looks as if he could be part of a Disney cartoon. He looks so proud!

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