The boss battles

I like the idea of the battles with your boss dinosair. But like i am not lucky i keep losing every battle. I try to upgrade it, doesn’t work for everytime. So u got some idea’s to make it a little easier for everyone who struggles with it.

  1. Make it a little easier to collect the boss dna, by like for 1000 dna for 1500 cash, for like 500 is it 1000 cash or something like that. I really need those thisbecause for me is it very difficult to collect the dna.

  2. Make it easier to think what the opponent does, because they ALWAYS get me. And i just want to win for 1 time…

Plz ludia think about it. If something like this happens i really would get happy.

( and i think most people think this is a bad idea, but i need something like this to keep trying and playing, i like the game)

Not really. The problem with boss battles as many people have been saying is that there’s no point. Before, it was a locked creature and ~5k dna. Now, it’s a high chance to get 1/7th of a creature, and no dna (unless you’re dream and land on the pack).

Plus, the cost for the 2 battles one is 60 DB, a steep price, and the 5x the cost and 200 DB for the same prize makes it not worth it.

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Which boss battles are you talking about ? If you’re talking about the boss v boss check a couple of the old boss v boss threads and you’ll see the strategies beat them easily.


Yeah. But either way boss waves and boss v boss arent worth it.

Doesn’t matter. If he is asking for changes because he can’t beat them then we just need to help him beat them. Then only can we give him advice if it’s worth it or not. Cause there’s no use in being told that the things you could not have aren’t worth it.


Good point…