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The boss poll winner, and JWA's favorite bosses

the poll winner is alpha 06!

last time was the most loved JWG boss poll, now here’s the JWA boss poll.

Mortem rex


Hadrox lux

And gorgotrebax

I won’t talk about unmodified bosses.

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Lord Lythronax : cries in final stage campaign


Goat Bosses: Crying about not being in the campaign


Any boss that doesn’t have extra long useless animations after you kill the small dinos is a winner for me… Oh wait, there’s none!!! :frowning:

I mean your wrong. The epics don’t have minions, nor the carno.

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Touché! But I thought this pool was about the Apex bosses… Nothing I like better than spending my time staring at the screen, waiting for a dead dino to do a move… If we include all the bosses, then Erlikogamma… Quick and easy.

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It shows the apex’s, but it’s not totally about them. I like most boss raids, but if I never have to do another Mega or Indo raid, I’d be ok with that.

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