The bot system needs to get fixed


I just lost 4 fights against bots. 4. I’ve never lost that many in a row. And they were all WAY to high level. Fix this.


I just defeated level 24 bots… Its annoying i know…


I was almost to 3000 trophies… -_-


This is unacceptable!!! 7 fights, and only one was I able to beat despite it being a little higher then me!


It’s a slap in the face above 3500. Lvl 30 pyroraptor, gen 2 T-rex, the list goes on… No matter what I play it’s instantly KO’d lol. And usually have 3 or 4 of those matches in a row.


Second this. Nerf them or get rid of them. There are enough people in the arenas - why are there still so many bots? :-1:t3::-1:t3::-1:t3:


Can I also say how the bots have an 80% chance for stun and crits? That’s a whole lot of bull. I was just in a fight where I didnt get to do a single thing cause my dinos were stunned every. Single. Time.


I’ve just reached arena 7 and my dinosaurs are probs gonna be annihilated :joy:

Maybe catch you in about a month :roll_eyes:


I guess this is just happening in higher arenas once you go over 3000 trophies. I’m in between arenas 4 and 5 and still haven’t faced any bots.
I guess it’s happening because there aren’t many players above 3000 trophies available when someone tries to battle … so Ludia presents them with a bot… but very unbalanced one.
I agree it has to be fixed


Just lost to a level 24 team… Absolute rubbish! Level 16 really???


I also always find these lv30 bots and honestly they got tired because I do not even find a real person in pvp and I think to cancel the game if I do not ban these people.