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The Bots and RNG are Ruining the game!


This game is so much fun. I love the twist on Pokèmon Go, but what I absolutely hate in anything is RNG. When you design a game with online ranks, it shouldn’t be determined by how lucky the opponent or yourself are by if they get a stun or not, if the get a 5% critical or not, and the worst offender in my opinion, which dinosaurs you get on your team! It’s honestly the worst design choice for only half of your chosen team to appear, but I have a fix. You could keep it the way it is but when a dinosaur dies one of the others that wasn’t originally there fills in the space. This would still be slightly random but be more forgiving and strategic. The other problem is quite simple to fix. From what I know are bots appear WAAAAY too often and constantly destroy my team with a full team of level 18+ commons, rares and epics. The easy fix would just be to lower their levels because right now it’s extremely unfair to go down in trophies because bots keep beating you. I’m really glad you’ll be banning cheaters too, because they often come at me aswell with full level 30 legendaries and uniques. Thank you for your time.


Look up my thread “To Those Who Think the Game is “Ruined””. It explains everything.


Pokémon go is worse. I’ll get stunned for a shiny any day


Every post I see of you is just you linking your own threads lol.


Gotta love people pretending that RNG only works against them and never for them. The game is balanced because everyone is impacted equally by RNG. I know forums are where people go to whine… but seriously… let’s stop crying about balance.


There’s no link here. Just telling him where to go; it says all I need to say.


But when the enemy hits 2 10% stuns in a row and my 75% misses? I don’t think so. The stunning and critical RNG I don’t have a huge problem with, though they’re annoying, but just which dinosaurs appear on my team which is a stupid design choice.


Not knowing which four Dino’s you get is what makes this game so good.

It forces you to change up your strategy every time you play. If you only have your 4 best Dino’s every time it would soon get boring.

RNG is in every game. Sometimes it works for you. Sometimes not. Get over it.


That’s called probability. If it was guaranteed it’d be 100%.

Probability is an incredibly prominent factor is EVERYTHING, including life itself.


Atm i prefer facing silly bots than overlevel guys whit 27, 30 uniques and legendaries


I haven’t seen any bots for a while now .
And if you got to choose your four Dino’s for every game , you’d be fighting opponents who chose the same four , same level , and you’d get bored pretty quickly . Think about it , we all know what Dino’s do what , and we would all go for the best four and that would be that . Game over . So the fact that we get a random four chosen from our eight favourites makes it fun .


bots can have lvl 30 uniques now… soooo


i dont think i’ve played a bot since the update. at least not a level 30 which used to happen all the time


RNG definitely ruins so far this game, opponent 5% crits hit way more often than my 75% stun, thats so sad.


If you’re ready to stand by your word, I’ll bet you $100 this won’t happen if we try it in a friendly battle.


At least your friendly battle works !
Mine hasn’t since the last fix :weary:


Well this happend more than not, so why not, thats usually main reason why i lose trophys, I outplayed enemy like 90% of time but then rng comes to game.


The top bots only use max lvl 24, 25 legendaries are they are dumb thats why so many people have 5000 points now


Instead of spanking bots they could spank lower level players. :smiley:


It will always feel unfair when RNG works against you in particular moments.

People focus way too much on the % chance of the crits and stuns. Just because your opponent’s 5% crit happened and your 75% stun didn’t happen doesn’t mean that it’s broken or unfair. It’s called probability.

@Jeremy_Mansbach If your 75% misses and your opponent hits 10% stun twice, that is not unusual or weird. Imagine rolling a die and seeing how often you get a six. Then I roll a die that has 20 sides and I try to see if I get a six. No matter what our % chance of getting a six, I could still get a six more often than you despite having a lower %chance of rolling it.

Another analogy to think about is, when you flip a coin you have a 50% chance of hitting heads. But is it possible to get tails every single time? Yes. Then you’ll get heads none of the time and would you assume the coin is broken or cheating?