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The bots the bots the bots.... Ahhhh


Sick of it today… Went from rank 234 to outside tbe 500… Might just call it quits, whats the point!!!

Tired of the bots in game
Bots every time battling bots
Stupid bots do always critical hits

Bots are bad today, went from 3392 down to 3026 in less than an hour and every match was against bots.


Cause many players went from 7th arena down to other ones for better rewards. Like I did. Soon there will be only bots at 7th arena and useless rewards until Ludia makes something with it.

It’s so easy to do, ones they already changed arena rewards. But when players ask for it, they don’t hear.


I get all the rewards from the lower tiers in my incubators without dropping…


Well you have lucky coding. Most of us get garbage in the upper tier arenas and I even just successfully dropped down to mt sibo where I will be staying until I get what I want.


In my case, I did not. There were dinosaurs whose DNA I didn’t even collect one of through the arenas, so I intended to drop down again (mostly for T-Rex DNA). Unfortunately for me, I was hoping to play enough that I’d get rare and epic incubators to help speed that up and discovered that the rare/epic incubators are NOT limited to just Arena dinosaurs, bursting my bubble and killing my resolve to stay down so now I’m on my way back up - and without my T-Rex evolution :frowning:


Lucky/unlucky RNG. I didn’t even realize I was still missing dinos from the lower tiers until I started getting thier DNA from higher incubators. I think the time length of the incubator influences it more once you get up there


I’m giving it one more shot. I max out at about 3250 trophies and get smacked down as I’m quite underleveled (avg 15) going against either bots or players with low level Legendaries.

I think that if I can’t make any further progress, I’ll take my lowest level dinos and go get some Rex DNA. All I get from incubators is Baryonix Gen 2 :confused:

So, if you see someone fielding a level 5 Nandusuchas or Dracorex in arena 7 or 6, you know it’s me :wink:


mani boot . this bad bad… =/ !!!


Guys we all know you have to put bots in game to fill the lack of players in higher arenas and that’s OK. But what’s not ok is that they always crit with 5% chance to do so and that they are level 30. why? what’s the point? do you want to suck the fun out of the game?


10 times and more fighting against bots, this is really annoying what should I do? Lose intentionally battle and fight new players entering arena 7?
Here is my new team, this is gonna be a long battle for you buddy!image


Don’t wait for a match more than 20 seconds. If it takes longer, cancel it and try again in a minute. That way you will not be matched with a bot.


bots bots affffffffffffffffff


MetaHub says that winning a battle against a bot should automatically put you against a real player in the next battle.


Now that I’m about 3100-3250 back and fourth I’m facing a lot I mean a lot of bots with Dino’s at level 24-28 this is ridicules!! Are these bots made by jurassic world love to level out game or are these straight up cheaters?? I just faced a level 24 eniasuchus that is insane I’m at level 20 and that’s pretty tough how the heck can anyone besides a bot have those levels it had com in it’s name so it’s a bot you can tell by what’s in the name apparently I was told in another topic .

Now that I’m higher level I’m seeing bots all the time and it’s ruining the game are you gonna do something about this or are these the companies bots for leveling out game cause I know they are created at start for the beginning of a game to have something to battle.

Need answers on this please



This is so true. I was just thrashed by two level-30 dinos.


I can win vs bots lvl 24-26,but damm that t rex at 30 whit 3k hit nornal bite is insane xd


me too tired bot level 30


Your bots are D ranking me at an accelerating rate to the point that I’m not gonna play anymore, I just going to collect dinosaurs or something, that’s my set up. I’m down to 2600 I was at 2900 all in one day. Your bots do not allow me to advance and you’re not getting my money I pay for Vip that’s good enough


Mood got ruined after met Indoraptor LV30.