The Breedery

Is terrible.

I have the ability to breed 5 star dragons, yet all I ever get are 2 and 1 star dragons.
Some dragons require copies of themselves in order to train and level, such as Charsoul or Gloomleer. The nice 4 and 5 star dragons we want to level and use. However, there is no way to target these dragons for breeding. I have been stuck with 3 (soon to be 5) different 4 star dragons in my inventory, all stuck at 2 stars, because i cannot re-breed them. All i get from breeding are 2 star dragons.

There needs to be a way to increase your breeding chances for higher level dragons. Spending runes would be fine, because I will not spend them on the crap shoot that is the draft.


Gambling Odds are not like grinding experience. It doesn’t matter how much time or effort or attempts you put in, your odds do not change. If you want guaranteed Legendaries, play the trust events.

Telling the devs to make the rarest dragons easier to obtain is like demanding your furniture store sell their best bed for half price because you really want a good sleep. Why would they do that?

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I totally get that breeding is a gamble but the problem is that currently it seems like the odds of getting ANYTHING other than a 1*-2* no matter which * dragons you’re using to breed just leaves a sour taste in my mouth personally…

For the last month or so I’ve been breeding two 3* trying to get another copy of the 3* (not even particularly hoping for the 4* though that would have been a great bonus) and all I’ve had are 30+ 2* dragons… in the ENTIRE time I’ve used the Breedery I don’t actually recall if I’ve ever managed to get anything higher than a 2* (and I frequently breed 3* x 4* together too :confused:)

I get that in particular trying to get 4* and 5* dragon results will be incredibly hard and time-consuming and it’s unlikely that Ludia will jump at the chance to make it easier for people to get them, but even just a very minor percentage-chance increase could make a big difference to the odds for some people without tipping the scales too much?


Since I started to play this game, I got around total five of 4* dragons and one 5* dragons from breeding, thinking I’m pretty lucky in this breedery gambling.

But instead of increasing the chance of breeding high * dragons, I prefer they shorten the breeding time of it. Putting two 4* dragons require to wait 20 hours and think what…? You got a 2* dragons.


60 times breedy, one 4 stars, 4 three stars, 55 two stars here :frowning: . I’m using two 3 stars dragon

They must do: from breeding 4* and 3* dragons you can get only 3* or 4*; from breeding 4* and 4* you can get 3*, 4* or 5*; from breeding 4* and 5* or 5* and 5* you can get only 4* or 5*


@Lagrow And then everyone has more than enough 4* dragons so that they become worthless?

@Kiet_Wei I agree with you, but instead of shorten the breeding time in general I think it should be enough to decrease the level that is necessary to improve the Breedery / use a slightly different system improving the Breedery. I‘m far away from the level it takes to shorten the breeding time for 4* dragons but I‘m almost constantly breeding 3* and 4* together - with the shortened 3* breeding time that results in 9h30 which is acceptable but a bit frustrating when there is only a 2* result almost every time. It could help to make smaller steps (like with the 2* breeding in the beginning) that are available on lower Breedey levels, e.g. breeding time for 3* / 4* decreased by 10% (higher levels get the chance to decrease it by 25% but at the moment it‘s an „all or nothing“ - you‘re either breeding with 100% time or 75% time, no in between).

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It’s much better always to get useless 2* after waiting for 10-16 hours :roll_eyes:

They‘re not useless if you plan your breeding and can level up other dragons with the resulting 2*. Still costs lots of fish but doesn‘t need any gold or scales.