The Bridge Situation (Aviary-Library)

how many people dealing with that?

not just an(other) matchmaker thread, but…

my team: (no boosts)

high aviary opponent: (some boosts)

relatively easy win

then, next… low library opponent:

i was smashed by draco, procera and thor. the player just opened with draco (look at those stats).

how good is current match system, changing abruptly from team strenght to trophies-only?

the bridge is a pain. in-out-in-out… i am there for last months, and changed/upgraded my team a lot.

edit: that is when i try my luck for climbing. then i get back again and forget about trophies. it’s the limit.

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dealing with it a lot.
also quick shout out to @MrSuitUp for an amazing battle in Library. That was such a close match.

27 thor, 27 indo, 24 dilorach 25 erlidom


one of the rare fun matches in the bridge. I lost by only 200 hp. GG.


I hate that bridge. I cross it, then get smacked back to Aviary after a few battles :rage:

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Low aviary here, yesterday i decide to play some battles and the first 3 opponents have 27 indo, 28 thor and 26 maxima.

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It took me months to get away from the bridge but once you get over 5250 there is no way back. Flying high actually at gyro depot with trophies only MM.

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The difference is just too big, also because many up higher arenas don’t even bother to battle there due to slow matchmaking if any at all… Ludia should fix the timer issue and let them get back up there.

Same experience as @Grooveman.
9 months in aviary. After each team member had been leveled up (3 levels on average) I could settle down in library.
Worst in aviary was the trophy range you could win/loose. Sometimes I felt like a pinball. Close to library on one day and almost dropping out of aviary the next day. That sucks and tests your patience.
In library it is a bit more relaxed, because mm is trophy based there. Even if you face players with highly leveled/boosted dinos you know you can beat them, because they have about the same number of trophies (exceptions prove the rule, e.g. see comment from @Poezzzie).

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