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The buff poll

I have been thinking about some Dino’s that are really, really cool but maybe not good enough to be on your endgame team. I know we have boosts and you can make less meta relevant creatures stronger, but that doesn’t mean that they will be amazingly good.
Just to see what the community says, I’m going to put some dinosaurs that have more or less the same use and which you would prefer to be buffed.

  • Stgydaryx
  • Pteravexus

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  • Koolabourgania
  • Alanklysaurus

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  • Gigaspikasaur
  • Nodopatitan

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  • Darwez
  • Dimo

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  • Arambourgania
  • Alanqa

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  • Monomimus
  • Monolometrodon

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I know that these are not similar really, but they are both in serious need of a buff to level with the rest of there rarity

  • Diplotator
  • Majundasuchus

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Once again, not really the same and I know that Diplo got a small buff, but it could be better still

So what do you think then?
Would love to hear peoples opinions on this


Also please feel free to suggest other creatures you think should be buffed and even creatures that you think are good already and didn’t need to be in my poll

Why we have to choose 1 out of 2 …? I’d like most of them being buffed.

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Yeah I know, that the whole point I did it, but I just want to see the highest demand one out of the twi

I will be posting revamp suggestions later, and it will list mostly the legendaries/uniques that are due for a rework to fit in the new meta

Regarding buffs, daryx needs it way more than vexus, but I still think both of them need a rework. Monomimus was fine with the first health nerf, there was no need to nerf the speed and further kill it’s health, though I like the swap in dodge. And monolometrodon wasn’t good to beging with, there was no need for a nerf. Diplotator is fine imo, but majundasuchus could use some stat buffs. Potatotitan is just not too good, it should get a rework.

I have a suggestion to rework daryx and vexus
swap in dodge instead of evasion
Damage 1300
Evasive strike or Distraction
Distracting impact
Defenitive Rampage( it fits since darwin has dsi and monomimus has null impact)
Lethal Swoop

Swap in wound( if it has enough hp this will work better with the moveset), but keeping swap in invincibility is just as good imo
4500 HP
Superiority Strike
Cleanse and swoop
Lethal wound(since you can’t swap turn 2 anyway)
Instant Stunning Impact( an instant charge impact as a way of doing damage outside of bleed) and I mean, did you see that sick dome? lol

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Majun definitely needs a buff because right now it is a relatively useless dinosaur.
I voted against Alanqua because I hate the oversized pelican with a passion. All my other votes are just random selection, although Gigaspikasaurus does need some buffs for being a legendary