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The campaign and its restrictions

So I was thinking about the campaign and how it’s restrictions should be gone (at least the level restrictions) because they seem to be kinda stupid like just to fight a lvl 24 indoraptor with 2 boosts in each stat you need a lvl 22 and that is incredibly hard to get even with uniques except indoraptor itself but the other would be stronger so no point so do you mind either getting rid of level restrictions or at least lowering them to the point that the player can choose slightly weaker creatures because I mean it’s possible to defeat a boss incubator eg the sarcorixis one that will be coming on the week of this post with just lvl 16s so you don’t need to get rid of them but just lower them a small bit


Yeah i don’t think the level restrictions are necessary. If we can’t beat It with lower levels, fine, that’s our problem, but If we can, then what’s the issue? Those restrictions just make It less fun and take away the challenge of trying It out with what we have at the moment.


Strike towers very rarely have boosted dinosaurs. The campaign does and all are quite boosted. I’m glad they have restrictions it forces people to actually hunt and level up dinosaurs. Not just use overly boosted easy to create dinosaurs.


People will level up their dinos regardless for arena use. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to try a challenge using different strategies with whatever dinos on whatever level we want. Those restrictions are honestly a mood killer.

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The level restrictions really need to go away. There isn’t any need for it that I can see. If players want to try it with lower level creatures that should be up to them.


If people will level their dinosaurs regardless then why are you complaining. By that logic everyone should have high enough level dinos to meet the restrictions. Epic strike towers have become a joke how easier they are to beat. At least the campaign makes it fun.

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You know very well what I meant. Obviously I don’t want to wait until a certain level just to try a challenge, I want to try It now. If I can’t win that’s fine, but at least I’m allowed to try. You say that restrictions force people to level up dinosaurs instead of just using boosts, but people wanted to keep leveling them up before those restrictions existed and even after the existence of boosts. Your argument doesn’t make sense.


I’ve been asking this for a while. Just completed the level 72 campaign quest, did it with just 3 dinos, didn’t even need to use the 4th at all. Can’t check with Lythro because it seems as though I glitched my way into lv72…

But no, there’s no good reason why people shouldn’t be able to try, especially when the bulk of the rewards are pretty bad (30 Tryko DNA? If someone has 4 dinos at level 28, they probably won’t find much use for 30 Tryko DNA). Give us a “recommended level” disclaimer and be done with it.

Edited: Level 72 was what I completed today, not 71.


Yeah get rid of lvl restrictions.

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Okay if you want to try it now level up your dinosaurs.

Buddy, I already have, and continue doing everytime I can. I just don’t agree with unnecessary restrictions. But i guess it’s silly of me to respond to you since you’re just trolling.

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Every level of the campaign has restrictions. That’s the entire point. It makes its more challenging compared to the easy strike towers.

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Well, Because i want to tried it now. Restriction is Like Forcing Me to lvl them up. Because We Have Boost and RNG so whats the Point of Campaign restrictions. And in fact idc about Challenging because The Rewards is Garbage anyways. It basicly Like you Get a Single fuses on Unique and you get 10.

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I think those are there because they want you at a certain level before being able to obtain the rewards you get from winning. Most games I have played use that concept in one way or the other so its keeps the balance of newer players closer together. I think this is fine.

If you need to level everything to 30 doesn’t that make the dna rewards kind of pointless?

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Campaign mission 73. Need 4 lv 24 dinos to recieve:
2K coin
20 stygidaryx
20 dilorach
20 Tourmoloch
20 vexus

Facing off against those same creatures at lv 27. I can’t take on this fight with proper counters at a level lower because…why? That dna 20 unique dna (especially for these 4) is kinda useless at that point.

That says more about broken matching than it does about the concept of balanced growth. While I think its fine to use the concept, I am not saying they have to use it or others are wrong for not wanting it. I am saying that since it exists, its not a new philosophy, and the outcome may help a newer player from having to deal with OP opponents earlier on, its not an unreasonable restriction. Also, it prevents someone, mainly newer players, from one shot-ing the whole campaign while giving something to build towards.

It could have been Recommendation rather than Restriction. Because restriction is Must. Whle Recommendation is isnt.

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My wife is stuck with the lord lythronax, she has to now level up something else, because she isn’t able to get it done with her current team. By that time her whole team will be fully leveled and boosted to max, since leveling what she needs takes forever. So she will be stuck there for a long time and then the rest of the campaign will be extremely boring for her since she now has fully leveled and boosted team, she would much rather try them now.

I’m also going to add that before lord she did enjoy having to plan a little and try what works to get the campaigns done and now that will be gone.

That is not in rebuttal to what I said, a bit unsure why you replied to me.