The Canadian Weasels is looking for members (minor league of The Canadian Beavers)

With our main clan, The Canadian Beavers, getting really close to being able to defeat 8* alphas, we decided to start a minor league clan called The Canadian Weasels.

Note: picture taken by pain (thanx), Alphas being battled by Main clan

This clan will be the entry point to The Canadian Beavers. Players performing well in this clan will be able to move up when a new spot opens up.

The requirements for The Canadian Weasels are the following:

  1. Be an Active player (do 6 attacks or more when necessary)
  2. 4K+ Bp
  3. (optional: join our discord and talk about alpha battles and team compositions)

Plz let me know if you want to join by commenting below, or sending me a DM


Hi I’ve i know it’s only small at the moment but it’s not always about size it’s about how you can make it grow if you would like to enter beavers do you think I have potential?

I have 5300 bp if you still look for that write me

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