The case for toura

Yes I know I know “its trash!”

I disagree and am planning to create it as my next unique (will need my guilds help with the purple stegos tho…)

For context, here it is as 22 (I think):

I love its moveset and its health. Its a great counter in my experience to diloracheirus. It has impact and run for getting out of bleeds. It has greater stunning impact, and it has .5 counter attack.

I really feel the meta is in a good spot for it right now. 3x impacts may not be tryko level damage, but its nothing to sneeze at.

And i see plenty of diloracheirus.

Also holds its own vs spinotasuchus , eating a bleed, slowing it, and running away.

Im curious how it does vs rinex.

Anyone want to add their thoughts?

Plus I gotta use this dna…

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Have it at 21 but never used it, and i dont have stymoloch epic anymore to keep leveling cause incubators only give alanqua dna now, i guess at lvl 25 + is strong like all dinos…


I tried to love her, just couldn’t do it :frowning: il look out for your requests though :eyes: lol

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Im using her at lvl 22 and shes doing very well.


Mine at 23 is definitely holding her own. I used to hate it but now it comes in handy with the health and return damage


She does well against Utarinex in my experience.

Uta does the distracting. You do slowing. She does the troll move, instant charge, you pop superiority, cause if it works, that is free damage. Then you stun it.

I’m not entirely sure if the slow lasts for it to be able to run or not, but irregardless, you can survive almost all her combo and deal quite a bunch of damage. If lucky, outright kill her. That is way better most dinos can do against Utarinex.

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As someone with both Toura and Paramoloch, Paramoloch is much better. I do have her at a higher level that Toura, but it’s been mad worth it over Toura, so I’ve committed to using Paramoloch over her. I know Uniques are supposed to be better but she’s just not from my experience. I’d rather have the extra instant stun move over slowing.

Use it like I did and we will meet here again after that my friend.

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Been using her after initially benching her after creation, now edging towards lvl 23.

She is good against certain dinos but suck once she meets tanks which means you better Impact and Run and hope your next in line can do the job.

I use her more like a ‘.5’ dino; slow, stun, Impact and run. There are times when I swap her for the counterattack killing blow, same concept as Megalosuchus (really want them to buff this!).

Her playstyle is not easy and as welcoming as the other Uniques. But I am grateful that she is on my team as I am still far from creating the ‘green chicken.’


Mine has been sitting with the ability to level it to 23 for some time now. I just can’t bring myself to do it, since whenever I face one, regardless of the level, I take it down pretty easily. It NEEDS a SIA, or an instant stun - given its heritage the fact that it is missing either is a disgrace.


Thatd be great.


Hmmm… Actually, that could be her niche. As she is a Toujiangosaurus upgrade and since Tuo has swap in slow.

She having swap in slow sounds great.

Now a unique with three slows really would be something. Especially because she could be THE COUNTER to the radioactive KFC (Diloracheirus) that way.


It’s a unique with NO unique skill… it needs one!!

LUDIA! Listen up!! :hear_no_evil::ear::ear:


Well, sorta. At the same time, her kit sticks together well. She is just missing something.

Cause finally her damage is fine, she has like 1660 something on two turns and 1240 something on one when she stuns. It really adds up, I have been pulverizing Stegodeuses 3 levels above with Toura, cause they are like

“nah, it is just a Toura, won’t shield”.

Then they just turn into a bloody pulp before they quite realize what hit them. Also, the HP is really damn high, she can casually take a beating (not as much as Stegodeus, but pretty close)

And the base kit is also okay. It’s kinda the same deal as with Diorajasaurus. Before the swap in ferocity, Dioraj just missed something. Now she is perfectly fine.

So giving Toura a swap in slow would act that extra bit of something, without making her OP again.


The new shield breaking counter attack for dioraja is pretty sweet, too. I just need to find one more rajasaurus and my dioraja will be L25.


Completely forgot about her being a shield chomper this patch. Yeah, I just need 40 DNA for this badgirl, that means like 2 Ankylosaurus darted (this week’s showcase is a godsent) and will finally have her.

Now if I had leftover Kentrosaurus DNA, I could level Ankyntroll to level 20 and start working towards the upgraded her majesty Trykosaurus. But alas, I don’t.

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As you said, where is the Instant Charge? It should be in it’s lineage after they removed the Rampage which I still cannot comprehend.

It was not like every player had one as a permanent fixture on their team (becuz it’s OP).

A good example is Thor… :roll_eyes: