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The cash cows

What do you think the ridiculously OP cash cows have been? I say -

Stegod, then
Monomimus, then
DC, this one lasted a long time
Now it’s IndoG2

How long will its reign as the OP moneymaker last?


They dont gave up on RAT ,thats the reason they buff its atack to UNIQUE stats (1500atack) to keep it as a cash cow
Lets reming its a legend made by 2 of the most common dinos in game and should have less power than other legends
ProRAT will stay for long
Indo G2 same thing

Forgot about procera… That’s one too, definitely.


I’m hoping I can get at least one patch out of IndoG2.
If I can get more that would be great.

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Rat was nerfed because it posed a threat to IncomeRaptor.
Dodge was buffed not long back to make it stronger.
Maxima was nerfed to not counter it.

Though to be fair I dont think they woukd ever do something so profitable >.>

They just need to get it on every single team now, but not able to be leveled outside of incubator sales.

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it just reminds of the people saying indoraptor and indominus should have been the best dinos because they were in the movies. Really, OP something in a game because they were the only ones that existed in the movies? Well, Ludia heard their demands and will now gladly accept payment

Who are we kidding with boosts anything can be a cash cow. I just battled this

Level 30 Nundasuchus

HP: 4466
Attack: 2092
Speed: 134


Incomeraptor lol

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