The "cash grab game"

I hear people refer to JWA as a cash grab and yeah theres an argument to be made there but thats not what this is about. Im currently doing the tapjoy offer for lords mobile, the game is so pointless and boring but its worth 7k dino bucks so Im committed to finishing it. Im at level 11, need to reach 14, and each castle level increase requires multiple ither buildings be increased and at this point it takes 12 hours for them to upgrade. There are typically 4-6 buildings to upgrade before you upgrade the castle which takes even longer (about 20 hours). Every time you log in it offers you a deal that gives you speed ups and thats when it occurred to me… The game is boring but by offering nice rewards for better games plenty of people will just pay to speed things up, its the most shameless cash grab Ive ever seen. Sorry… Rant over

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The real cash grab game is any EA Star Wars game and Candy Crush