The CC Baryonyx trio

So, with Camp Cretaceous season two coming along, why not add Grim, Chaos and Limbo to the game? Kind of like how we already have Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo in the game? It probably doesn’t sound like the best idea but what do you think? I’m really fond of Grim and would like to see him(?) in the game.


We might finally get the Ready to Crush plus DSR/Fierce Rampage and Immunity to Deceleration combo on a non-hybrid if they do get added, or even something better. Maybe even more creatures with 2 attack-buffing moves. They’d probably be short-range spawns though.


how do you know that is gonna be their names? Grim, Chaos, Limbo?

Marketing from Mattel. That’s how we knew of Toro and Bumpy before the show was released.

oh wow. had no idea and i actually have a couple of those toys. lol

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I made concepts

  1. Chaos

    I made this guy the old baryonyx with a couplpe changes. I made him more of a glass canon, being able to now comfortably kill the likes of rex and allo gen 2. He got a 10% increase in crit to give him a change against acro. For this he loses 300 hp which allows him to be killed more easily

  2. Grim

    Grim was made to be like irritator. It has double buffing moves and more health to help in raids. It loses 1 speed and 200 damage for the added health

  3. Limbo

    IDK what to do here. So I just made him a slightly faster version of the normal bary lol


what about limbo?

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I pressed send before adding him in lol, imma edit

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He’s in…well you know where he is :wink:

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Here’s my takes on them.

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I have the exact same feeling they will be legendary, as they appeared to be glowing in the latest trailer. However I feel with some of those moves (just like the raptor squad stuck to cunning) that these guys will stick to fierce. Hopefully with a bunch of group attack increase moves so they are good for raids lol. Maybe one can even get a hybrid with Para Lux so we can finally have the Group attack Increaser+Group Healer. So those group ferocity, mutual fury, RTC moves would still be something I definitely want on them lol.

They could have done that with Dsungaia, and thrown in a group shield too, but unfortunately they didn’t. Hopefully Dsungaia’s hybrid will make up for the lost opportunity.