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The cenozoic road

So I wanted to build a thread based on my goals and where I am currently at with my cenozoic creatures, the idea of this thread is not just for my cenozoics but sort of a historical standpoint in which each forum member could chip in with their own lineups, progress and goals and then see how far we have all come.

I can now see a few of us looking to build upon our cenos as the previous aquatic tournament was absolute nightmare fuel to say the least (baring in mind that I had a good number of aquatics already and that prior to the tournament I had solely been working on aquatics because personally I just love them)

Thanks to @MirrMurr for suggesting that I take this route, I could also see that there were others who were also interested in improving there current lineups @Dino_Hunter and @Bandeezee (sorry if I have missed anyone) the idea of creating this thread was to motivate us even further in achieving these goals.

So I will start off of course, my current ceno lineup which needs a lot of work still…

My latest addition since losing him to archaeophicyon

And what will soon be added within the bio dome…

I could see that we was all mainly posting our cenozoic progress in other threads so it would be nice if their was just one single thread dedicated to these beasties.

Any thoughts, opinions and other members goals and progress are also always welcome :facepunch:


A question: Do you buy those Cenozoic creatures in the market or are you fine with a copy from events? I haven’t spent a single dna yet on aquatics and Cenozoics that whys.

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@Aether_12 Thanks for keeping the discussion alive! I will gather my thoughts after I’m done with my work out in the park (before it starts raining).

@The_Phoenix I’m afraid basing your line up solely on the creatures you win with events will only help with pves. But will not be enough during a tournament.

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Most of mine apart from archaeophicyon were won from events, my dna expenditure has been minimal with cenos I have been quite lucky to obtain alot of them, I am willing to set aside some dna for cenos though I might work on getting indricoceros for my next step after I have maxed uintatherium and a couple other legendary cenos

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If you have one L10 VIP, all VIPs should be L10.


Once I am able to access my park again I will be getting them to 10 and a few I will fuse and keep at level 11 for now aswell

I’ve just realized that I totally confused mastodon’s stats with the mammoth’s and got confused why on earth would you want to use a creature that barely has 1000+ health to open the battle. My bad… (It was in a different topic)

An other thought occurred to me: in the aquatic tournament it was sort of a make or break moment for me that I could use different types of creatures as the opening ones. Usually I only use caves, but I had to be more creative than that and had to lvl up my henoduses, archelon and hainosaurus too.
We might have to take a look around regarding this with the cenozoics. I only use caverns as opening creatures, so mammoth can be an option too. But what else?


There’s definitely a Savanah hybrid I plan to open with. Then I have my one snow VIP, then a Titanoboa.

Edit: got that backwards, it will be Andrewsarchus, then probably Eucladoceros.

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Both urtinotherium and uintatherium would be good Savannah openers, for caverns glyptodon and panocthus, snows woolly mammoth and… oh dear cant think of any other ones that I have enough of that are worthy

Edit: Of course deers! Eucladoceros I have enough for level 30 currently

I think once I get my tanky creatures sorted it will make me feel alot more comfortable with a ceno tournament

Arctodus is another one that is unfortunately locked for me and only have 1 copy of maybe I could get lucky at the TH

Also I think my reasoning for getting amphicyon back was that his health even if I opened a battle with him and I was put against most Savannah theres not many apart from the hybrids and vips that could take him out in 1 hit

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diprotodon the tank boy


I also forgot about Eucladoceros (I didn’t check its stats at lvl 30).

After the hatchery discount I added 1 smilodon and 1 titanoboa. After that I can lvl both creatures to lvl 30.

I made a headcount and I could make 5 teams with caverns and snows (with Eucladoceros unlock) after I fuse all tourneys to lvl 30 and vips to lvl 11-20 (we’ll see).
Today I started fusing my second entelorhacos to lvl 11. But even with her addition (still consider it a female) I can only make 3 proper savannahs (2 entelorhacos and 1 bronto). So I still have to work on that.
All things considered I could be done with my plan in two weeks. Then I will see if anything’s needed.
I might add some legendaries.

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The more I think about it, the more I think after hatching the legendaries to level 40 that I currently have, I think the rest is going to be tournaments (Titanoboa and Eucladoceros). The exception being Andrewsarchus and Marsupial Lion because these are the only Cavern and Snow glass cannons i have available to make.

Somewhere in between I need to create at least one of the savannah hybrids (probably the weaker one since one of them is at 40 already). The more I look at it, the more I keep thinking it will take more effort to make a level 40 legendary than a bunch of level 20-30 tournament. That and Titanoboa and Eucladoceros for me will probably have to have dual roles (1st and 3rd position).

Currently finishing my Parasaurolophos gen 2s for my second level 30. Then I’ll start hatching my Cenozoic tournaments (all 4 slots). Here’s my current lineup just so I can see a before and after. I’m sure it will take months to get where I want, but we’ll see.


On top of how long it will take to make a level 40 legendary, the meat shields have a longer cool down than even a level 30 tournament (Glyptodon level 40 8+ hrs vs Titanoboa level 30 6.5 hrs)

The only positive I can think of is that a level 40 legendary has a lower ferocity and will lower the average ferocity of your team. Hopefully lowering the average ferocity of your opponent.

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I’m thinking that legendaries might be more trouble too. Plus you can quickly outgrow them and then there is nothing much to do with them. Some of them do have hybrids though and more probably are on their way and they can be still useful at the vip cenozoic event ( that has an overall much lower ferocity requirement).
But tourney’s are more useful on the long term. You can make lvl 20s and can always lvl them up further while that’s obviously not an option with legendaries.


Yes this.

I think it’s why I will aim for indricoceros now, plus lookwise its gotta be my favourite ceno hybrid.

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@Bandeezee, I’ve just realised you can fuse 4 brontos, already 4 level 20s will be of great help for you in a ceno tournament

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Yes, I have 9 of them. I’m going to wait and see how tough the tournament is first. I may use them for the lower levels, then evolve once I get into the predator/ Dominator brackets. That is of course if I have time to get the rest of my lineup upgraded first.

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What I used to do early in the game with tournaments, use then fuse haha this method actually helped me sneak into dom in the mosa gen 2 tournament when I was clearly not ready and my PvE got a whole lot tougher (totally worth it though)

Hopefully level 10s will be more than helpful though as you will have a good number of teams already

I think I missed the hatchery discount earlier so my new additions should be ready by tomorrow evening

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Yes, I think part of the discount window was eaten up while the game was down earlier. I was able to use the last hour or so.

In today’s ceno event I was very close to a 1 hit ko :joy:

It gave me a chance to see the level 20 designs of the 2 snows I will be obtaining soon also

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