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The cenozoic road

I would probably go for this if it is $20. $30 is a bit much. I like the 10% chance at Smithetoceras. This pack is where I got the two I have since I still don’t have Smilodon unlocked and only have a level 21+
Edit: with screenshot now, lol, thanks :roll_eyes:

Do you mean this pack? It’s not a bad deal tbh

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Yep, that’s the one I was talking about. I guess I thought everyone could read minds and forgot to post the screenshot :laughing:


That is a good price!

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Gold prize delivers :partying_face: My 8th copy, I was chanting urti, urti, while the wheel was spinning, but pretty happy with this too. :grinning:


I replied you to go down in the thread.

Ok. So this is my ceno lineup. Any tips? Another lvl 20 Megaloceros incoming.

Can you understand names? If not i can translate them.

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I used to do that too. You can just press the 587/587 part and get this
Then press Jump to


Ten chars

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Bring some of those legendaries up to 30 to be more in line with your vips

Err wouldn’t 21 be better? Also is my lineup pretty deep? I finish event with lots of dinos to use.

21 if you keep the vips at 1. 30 if you level the vips to 10.

It depends on the creature, ceno legendaries are pretty weak besides a few like marsupial lion, glyptodon, andrewsarchus and uintatherium.

Heres a level 10 hyaenodon in comparison with some of the legendaries.

Ok Indrico and Megaloceros can be lvl 30 rn and they are both weak. Other legendaries to bring level 20? Any tips? I am hoping in Panochthus or Hyaenodon (i wrote it right) in SG Pack next time.

You could do some ceno PvP battles, this has helped me obtain copies of certain locked cenos and also gain some resources, your dna is quite low so I wouldnt go spending on ceno creatures atm

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Ok i know it is low, i needed some bravery to reject a Metrio in CT this morning…

Got this…


Got the same guys yesterday, a locked one for me!

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I have six of them.

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I have one at 20 and one to hatch!