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Just thought I would share this here to give you guys more hope on the coin to cenozoic trade, it’s possible to get tournament legendaries with coins and as you can see I am not max park level

Obviously I took this, while I would be more than happy with another tourney creature I am still happy with this one as that is now 7 copies of this guy I have in total now :facepunch:

Best of luck my friends hopefully chanya is as kind to you guys as she has been with me :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up, but I probably shouldn’t have tried a coin trade without max coins, whoops. All I got was Deinotherium and Glyptodon, took Glyptodon since I was 1 away from maxing.

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Newest addition

Got some LVL 11 VIPs cooking too. Starting to look like a tournament lineup


I will go back to coins eventually, but for now I’ll stick with DNA. Once my DNA gets around 500K, then I think I’ll start preserving again. Unless I still need a ton of tournaments, then I may dip below, we’ll see.

Edit: FYI, that’s the only tournament I’ve gotten with coins.


My lineup has improved a little, but I need more snow guys. The biggest improvement has been the extra Cavern VIPs (7 Hyaenodons), evolving another Titanoboa to level 20, and getting a level 20 Megistocurus.


Once you lvl up those VIP’s how are you looking for teams? Hazarding a guess, you’ll have 5-6 Cavern, 4-5 Sav’s, 4 Snow yer. So yup agree you’ll need more snow for sure.

I’m tempted to throw another 2 Eucladoceros into the hatchery and then I’ll have 8 so 2 lvl30’s. My weakness is savannah’s.

I’ve gotten a couple Smilodons from coins to Ceno but it’s been a while since I’ve had any luck. The DNA to Ceno is a godsend.

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Joke moment… if you don’t get a smilodon you can get a Ricardo Smilos…
download (17)-1

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Okay, that did get a good laugh out of me, nice one

Well…just got wrecked. 3 DNA --> Ceno trades all resulted in super rare offers.


Almost the same. I had one for Smilodon, so accepted that. The other two were legendaries, so I passed on those.

I got 2 VIPs today, Panochthus and Bronto. Pressed my luck with a third one and got a Legendary. Nothing to complain about there, though!

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Yep I’ve been offered megatherium 3 times for coin, I took them all but since it’s not the one I’m looking for I sold them for resources.

After I’m done with my snows and savs I might work on mega because it does have proper stats I don’t understand the hate it gets.


While it’s got great stats for what it is, it is a battle stage unlock so I definitely would have been more happy with any other tourney creature.

I have also seen smilodon in a coin to ceno trade but I think this was before the last update so I’m not gonna hope for anything other than megatherium any time soon.

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I haven’t received Smilodon (for coins) either since the change in th, but it could still be out there.

On other note: The prize drop was really kind to me today:
2* Gastornis


I got 1 Smilodon for coins. Mostly megatherium now though.


Why cenozoic PvP is now my new favourite battle mode:

Apart from the first battle where I used thylo and opponent went first (thus already being at an advantage with 1 more action point) these are the prizes that I have won with the other 3 battles on elite wheel, all repsins worked

(Of which I received entelodon)

2 of the respins were 100 LP each and the other was food.

So 3 great prizes out of 6.


Made some good progress today

While 4 more ceno PvP resulted in not such good prizes, 200 lp and the rest coin and food (cant win it all the time right)

Thank you chanya

Indricoceros is ready for fusion, it’s definitely my favourite cenozoic hybrid, the question is should I fuse now?

I think I’ve decided now, indricoceros will be 15 percent off in market for me wednesday so I may fuse by tomorrow now :facepunch:


Ok so did a bit of research on certain level 40 legendaries, uintatherium, glyptodon and marsupial lion ferocity level is greater than level 20 urtinotherium.

(Thanks @Mary_Jo for this valuable information it has helped me loads)

Does anyone know if the 3 standard legendaries I have just mentioned activate the elite prize wheel in cenozoic PvP? Urtinotherium doesnt quite cut it so I have to switch between my 4 vips for the better end of prizes.

Since winning 3 more marsupials on the wheel I may aim to get him to level 40 next if he manages to activate this wheel

Uintatherium L40 is Intermediate
Marsupial Lion L40 is Advanced.

I’m pretty sure Elite PvP is north of L20 VIP. (I don’t have anything that strong in Ceno.)

L20 VIP isn’t Elite in Jurassic either, it is Expert. My only dino that does Elite is a L21 I-Rex (3103/1185). Someone just posted a picture of a L20 I-Rex doing it too. I don’t have a L20.