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The Ceratosaurus

Many fans made and make concepts of Ceratosaurus, my version has the Carnotaurus animation:


I think Ceratosaurus should be at least rare.



And some concept art:




I feel like there could be more attack

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This is eh. Firstly, let’s talk about the resistances. First Crit Reduction Resistance. 25% is useless. The way the game calculates, that 25% does nothing. Now, with a 5% Crit chance, you could increase it to 100% resistance, and would leave it an option for if it mixes with something with a high Crit chance. Speed Decrease resistance of 30% is also barely useful. Now, you do have speed control options, but it’s not the right variety to really work with how little resistance is there. Plus, with an already low speed of 109, it really doesn’t help. So I would just take it off myself, though if you really want to, it can be once again brought to an immunity. Stun and Swap Prevention are fine, so keep those. Now Taunt resistance actually hurts the creature it’s on. Anything more than 0 and less than 100 makes the creature worse for raids. And given it has a fierce strike, I would remove it, and definitely not keep it around. Now the move set. It’s decent, but SV is just there. It doesn’t help too much unless your up against a cunning creature. However, Superiority Impact could be better, due to it now having an Impact Turn 1, and a counter to go with that. The other moves are fine. Now for the stats. 3900 health is kinda low, but isn’t so low that it’s crippling to the Dino’s purpose. 1000 damage is average for a counter attack, so that’s ok, along with the speed, armor, and Crit. Overall kinda works, but needs some changes.