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The chance of breeding a good dragon


Hi guys, I have a question. Why is the chance of breeding a good dragon so, so low? I’ve tried to get a Fog-Stalker for weeks and still nothing! The only one I’ve got is 2 star Bitter Galeslash and nothing different. I have more than 20 copies of him in my roster. This situation make me really angry.:rage: Please, increase the chance of getting something good. I love this game, but this really sucks. Thanks for appreciate.:grinning:


The more leveled both dragons are, the higher the chance


Devs said this is not true


Well it has been my experience that breeding with higher leveled dragons have given me higher star dragons.


You’ve just had good RNG with them


Top tip, when you get your first dupe use it with the same rather than levelling straight away. By using two of the same 4star dragons I got a much better hit rate. 1st in 3 days, 2nd in under a week.


I have been breeding two four star skrills trying to get the 5 star skrill for the last two weeks and I can not for the life of me get anything better that a 3 star dragon


Are your skrills both fully trained?


One is max level 3 star the other is 2 star


I got my frosty sparguard 5* from breeding two 4* of the same but they were 1rank and LVL 1

Took about 4 breeds to get it


I have been breeding two fourstar skrills for the last 3 weeks still no 5 star


ill guess its similar like the Chance of getting Dragons with the 400 runes. an official statement would be nice.


did u try to breed 2 of your 2 star Bitter Galeslash? i did get my 3 star hybrid this way, the same as the knock rocket. get 2 2 star hybrid and work my way up from there…


It’s trying to beat that RNG. I’ve been breeding two 4*'s for over a month with no 5*. Just gotta keep pushing through! Once you get your first one though, I imagine it’s a steep climb with that extra power!