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The chances hate me


I just had a very unfair fight with chances and I thought I’d share it because why not XD

I was using my velociraptor level 19 against a level 15 T-Rex. Rex had her full health and her big 2x hit available, but I knew it would only kill me with a crit. Well, Rex critted and my Raptor was down. Oh well, with a 30% chance, these things happen, right? Moved on to my ankylosaurus to finish Rex off and have my better abilities available for free.

Opponent brings Einiasuchus and CRITS with her Ferocious Strike, taking off half of my damn tank’s health. What are the chances??? 5%, actually. I’m like “okay, the world hates me, let’s move on”, use invincibility to survive her big hit and still try to win somehow. Einiasuchus then STUNS me with Stunning Impact, 33% chance, and I’m like, damn, I can’t believe this. But I can take another hit so I sand my ground. And then Einiasuchus stuns me AGAIN with Minimal Stunning Impact, 10% chance. At this point I’m seriously annoying but I won’t go down without a fight, so I swap to Nodopatosaurus getting one free hit.

Well, after normal strike, Einiasuchus uses Ferocious Strike and CRITS AGAIN, 5% chance. Do I have the worst luck ever??? Lol, I tried to laugh it off instead of getting too angry, but I was utterly destroyed in that match. Let´s make a recap:

Rex crits - 30% chance
Einiasuchus crits - 5% chance
Einiasuchus stuns - 33% chance
Einiasuchus stuns - 10% chance
Einiasuchus crits - 5% chance

I guess it’s kind of funny.

For the record, it wasn’t a bot so this doesn’t confirm some people’s theories that bots have better chances. This was just plain horribly bad luck lol. Almost a shame I didn’t record the fight.


Damn, that’s very bad luck :frowning:


Yeah, this battle mechanic needs to be fixed. No one should have higher percentages to crit than listed.

Yet another bug for Ludia to look into.


Oh, honestly I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the chances. I love how a random, un expected crit can suddenly turn the tables - for better or worse. I also like that certain dinosaurs have better chances. It’s just this time I had hilariously bad luck and I wanted to share it hahahahahaha


Aww cheer up. I shall look out for your username and let you have a win on me… :slight_smile:


Hahahahah it’s fine, actually I won my next fight because the moment my opponent saw my level 19 raptor, they just surrendered (brought up two dinosaurs that would get one-shotted just to make it quick) and that was actually worse. I like fighting, not simply winning without effort. So, yeah, please don’t let me win because that’s not rewarding at all :stuck_out_tongue:


I have had that happen before - quite a few times, actually - enough to think that it’s not random coincidence. Now, maybe bots generally need a “handicap”, since they can only deal basic strike damage, but they really don’t need that much of one if their dinos are ten levels higher or mostly epics or legendaries.

The bots don’t deserve a 90% chance of getting when they’re that far above you in level. Give them maybe a strict 5%, no more - no less.

That will at least give them an opportunity to crit once in a while, and give players a chance to keep their teams alive… for a minute or so longer, anyway…


This wasn’t a bot, though. Their dinosaurs weren’t overleveled - in fact they were a bit lower than my own. And different levels each. It was just a random opponent that got very lucky with every move.


No, I think you said before it wasn’t a bot. I Was just stating what I have observed. Sometimes you PWN the opposition, and sometimes you get PWND. Things happen.


Lyra im on 3436 trophies. What about you?

  1. I went down a lot today. Sigh. But oh well as long as I manage to stay on arena 7 I’m ok ^^


Best of luck… :+1:


I had same thing, when I was at Badlands. One hit more and then I win. Einiasuchus do critical Ferocious strike. I had Velociraptor. And you can guess the end. This same thibg happened again to me, but then Einia were Velo, and… :no_good_woman:


My bad luck thrives the most at the beginning of fights. I used to start off with my deino, and that worked out pretty well. Then, raptors happened. I started off against them raptors which are quicker at the same level they’re stronger. So I started with a velociraptor the next couple of fights, so if an oponent velociraptor came, mine would strike first for the kill or die, then finish off the raptor with my deino. And then, they started putting off T-Rexes at the beginning as well as Einiosuchus. I almost always manage to miss on guessing which to put first. OOOOFFF

-Echo #Echoed #Oofed


“Long ago, my Deinocherius was a great opener and my fights started in harmony. Then, everything changed when the raptors attacked. Only my velociraptor, the fastest among all dinosaurs, could stop them. But when I needed her most, Einiasuchus and Rex openers happened. A hundred years passed and I still fail to guess which opener I should use, and though my dinosaur team is great, they have a lot to train before we are ready to open properly. But I believe, my dinosaurs can win matches.”

LOL I’m sorry but as I was reading your comment, I realized the structure was almost identical. If you don’t get the reference, just ignore this post but I HAD to do it.

In all seriousness, though. Velociraptor ALWAYS wins against Rex and Einiasuchus of the same level. You can even survive a Rex crit after pounce (not an Einiasuchus crit, but that is very rare). If Einiasuchus is one level higher, then she will kill your velociraptor, but if not, she won’t survive your second hit. As for good openers, I’m not sure what to advice as I’m still struggling with them myself. Stegoceratops is great for her versatility: raptor counter with slowing impact, armored and high hp to take some hits, and stunner to deal with almost anything you put in her path. Her only weakness are immunes and failing with stuns.


Reviving this topic to report the adventures of my Einiasuchus today. I just won a match 3-0 with my level 19 Einiasuchus. She stunned the opponents EVERY SINGLE TIME. I’m not even joking. The 33% worked. The 10% chance worked. All of them. Einiasuchus ended the fight with full HP. And I have to say, it’s as frustrating when you win as it is when you lose. I felt so bad for the poor opponent, they never stood a chance. I like to win fair, not thanks to crazy good RNG. Anyway, it’s kind of funny I had both experiences, the terribly bad one and the incredibly good one, lol


It’s still happening to me.

This 5% nonsense just seems like that: nonsense. All manner of low-crit creatures are critting me specifically at a rate defying probability.


Same. I feel like I should start playing the lotto the way I’m pulling these stuns. It’s so frustrating.